CPP denounces Aquino's Imelda-style poverty whitewash for ADB meeting

Communist Party of the Philippines
May 02, 2012
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemned the Aquino regime for resorting to Imelda-style whitewash techniques when it erected a tall wall in Pasay to conceal the poverty of people living under the bridge next to a polluted river. The wall was built along the route to be taken by delegates to the Asian Development Bank Board of Governors meeting scheduled to start today.

GMA News reporter Bernadette Reyes points to the wall erected beside a bridge in Pasay intended to conceal the row of houses beneath.

“In erecting the Pasay wall, Aquino reminds us of how Imelda Marcos erected similar white walls along the route of foreign visitors to the Miss Universe pageant held in Manila in 1974,” said the CPP. Aquino’s wall will hide the homeless residents from the view of around 4,000 delegates to the ADB meeting.

The CPP likewise denounced the scheduled ADB meeting as another forum to reiterate and perpetuate the imperialist neoliberal policies which the bank has pursued together with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

A screen grab from the GMA News video shows the Imelda-style wall erected beside the Pasay bridge.

“The ADB, an imperialist multilateral financial institution led by big Japanese monopoly capitalists and financial oligarchs, has pursued the same policies that have reduced the Philippines to the debt-driven and foreign investment-dependent, export-oriented, backward, poverty-stricken economy that it is today,” said the CPP.

“The ADB is among the financiers and promoters of the liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization policies that have resulted in spiralling prices of oil, basic commodities and services, further deindustrialization, production slowdowns, massive unemployment, real wage erosions, widening social gaps, widespread poverty, hunger and other grave socio-economic problems.”

“Together with the World Bank, the ADB is pushing for the so-called millennium development goals and the conditional cash transfer program as the principal components of so-cqlled poverty-reduction programs,” said the CPP. “These schemes are outrightly deceptive programs to draw the people’s attention away from the need to wage revolution to put an end to the unjust system that subjects them to oppression and exploitation.”