CPP expresses sympathies with victims of Tondo fire

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
May 14, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed sympathies with the victims of the fire that engulfed thousands of houses in Isla Puting Bato last Friday in Tondo, Manila. At the same time, the CPP denounced the Aquino regime and the local government of Manila “not only for failing to do enough for the victims of the fire but also for preventing them from rebuilding their homes.”

Tens of thousands of people remain homeless and are currently being cramped in public gyms and schools in Tondo, Manila. “The residents of Isla Puting Bato are being victimized twice over. First by the Friday inferno, and now by the failure of the national and local government to address the urgent need of the people to rebuild their homes and resume their livelihood.”

“The soup kitchen set up by Manila Mayor Lim is being reduced to nothing but a show by the fact that his government is stopping people from returning to their communities.”

“The residents of Isla Puting Bato are indignant at how they are being forced to accept a relocation plan by the government’s prohibition against returning to their homes which prolong their agony in the evacuation centers,” said the CPP. “They are being made to sign an agreement to have them relocated to San Jose, Bulacan, far away from their schools, livelihood and places of employment.”

“In line with the Aquino regime’s Public-Private Partnership program, the Manila government has long worked for the eviction of the residents of Isla Puting Bato in order to pave the way for commercial and infrastructure projects in the port area.”

“There is widespread belief that the Friday inferno was intentionally set ablaze in order to force the people out of their homes and communities. This belief is now further boosted by the fact that the residents are being prevented from returning to their razed homes.”

“The CPP calls on all revolutionary forces to mobilize assistance and extend help to the residents of Isla Puting Bato. At the same time, the CPP calls on the people of Isla Puting Bato to steadfastly hold on to their demands to return to their communities, rebuild their home and resume their livelihood and lives.”