Confront rest of Aquino's term with bigger mass struggles and revolutionary resistance--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
June 30, 2012 

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to confront the rest of the Aquino regime's term with bigger mass struggles and heightened armed resistance in order to hinder it from inflicting more harm against the Filipino people with its pro-imperialist, antipeople and repressive policies.

Marking the second year of the Aquino regime in power, the CPP said "Benigno Aquino is set to prove he can surpass all the previous regimes in terms of his servility to the US government and military, firm adherence to the US- and IMF-designed neoliberal policies and capability to serve the interests of foreign big corporations, especially large mining companies, to the detriment of the Filipino toiling masses."

"With Aquino's outright and all-out subservience, the US government has been able achieve big strides in its declared shift in geo-political priorities where it seeks to distribute 60% of its overseas military forces in various parts of the Asia-Pacific region under its so-called American Pacific Century," said the CPP. 

"Goaded by the US government, the Aquino regime has constantly been stoking the flames of the South China Sea conflict in order to justify increased US military presence in the Philippines," said the CPP. "Aquino has stepped up international publicity in condemning Chinese 'bullying' for having deployed its sea patrols near and around the Spratly Islands but has welcomed the increasing presence of US military warships and submarines in complete disregard of Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity."

"In outright contempt of Philippine sovereignty, the Aquino regime has allowed the US government and its overseas military to carry out counter-guerrilla combat and intelligence operations in the Philippines, maintain exclusive military facilities, operate its drones and advise and direct AFP military operations."

"Under US direction and guided by the US Counter-insurgency Guide of 2009, the Aquino regime and its AFP have waged its Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression that is set to surpass the nine-year Oplan Bantay Laya of the Arroyo regime in terms of brutality and grave human rights violations," said the CPP. "Thousands of peasant communities active in agrarian struggles and resistance against mining operations are being placed under heavy military presence, subjecting people to repressive martial law policies, sowing fear among the people and traumatizing young children."

"For two years now, the Aquino regime has failed to address the outstanding socio-economic problems of the Filipino people, including widespread unemployment, landlessness, low wages and the rapid rise in the prices of food, medicine and other basic commodities and services," said the CPP. "Aquino has refused to heed the people's demand for genuine land reform and national industrialization and instead perpetuates the long-discredited program that relies on foreign debt and foreign investments."

"Aquino's economic program is comprised of nothing more than imposing more taxes, facilitating the export of labor, setting up infrastruture for call centers and engaging in public construction projects to serve the needs of foreign big corporations," added the CPP. "There is a rising intensity in the Aquino regime's campaign to demolish urban communities in order to clear prime real estate which big foreign and local companies have long desired."

"The much-touted conditional cash transfer (CCT) doleout program funded by loans from the World Bank is nothing but a big campaign of deception and psywar being used as an instrument to draw the people away from agrarian struggles and lower their resistance against the aggression of mining companies," pointed out the CPP. "The planned increase of the CCT budget to around P45 billion (from the current P34 billion) in the Aquino regime's budget for next year will likely be added to ruling clique's election kitty to ensure dominance in the congressional elections of 2013."

"Judging by the first two years of the Aquino regime, the Filipino people can only expect worse in the next several years under its puppet, antipeople, pro-imperialist and repressive rule," said the CPP. "In order to protect their interests and advance their national and democratic interests, the Filipino people have no other recourse but to intensify their mass struggles and further heighten their revolutionary armed resistance against the Aquino regime."

"They should wage bigger mass struggles against rising prices and increasingly burdensome taxes, for jobs and wage increases, genuine land reform, against cuts in social spending and growing foreign debt servicing, against the increasing foreign plunder of the environment and other urgent people's issues," said the CPP. "They should further heighten their patriotic opposition to mounting US military intervention, asserting the Filipino people's right to self-determination and opposing the Aquino regime's policy of mendicancy and subservience."

"The New People's Army (NPA) must continue to launch tactical offensives with increasing frequency and intensity in order to defend the people against the campaigns of suppression being waged by the AFP in behalf of big landlords, foreign mining companies and big plantations," added the CPP. "The CPP urges the Filipino people to work with the NPA to organize tens of thousands of people's militias in order to more effectively defend their communities against the onslaught of the US-supported AFP war machine."