On Corona's ouster

ANG BAYAN, June 7, 2012, Editorial
CPP (Ang Bayan)
June 09, 2012
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Renato Corona's ouster as chief justice of the Supreme Court on May 29 paved the way for the greater consolidation of the Aquino clique's control over the reactionary state. This and the upcoming appointment of a new chief justice leads to the ruling clique's consolidation of political power.

Controlling all the branches of the reactionary government gives the ruling Aquino clique the daringness to intensify the oppression, suffering and repression of the Filipino people, further use state power for the benefit of its cohorts' businesses and be more of a puppet to US imperialism.

In dropping Corona, the ruling Aquino faction was able to win over or neutralize the main reactionary factions. It was able to gain more strength and advantage that it could use not only against the Arroyo faction but against the people and their revolutionary and progressive forces. It also gained more leverage as it exploited the people's demand to prosecute Arroyo and all her co-conspirators in the former regime for their grave crimes against the people.

The Filipino people were gladdened by Corona's ouster because he was part of the rotten and oppressive Arroyo clique. Nonetheless, it was highly noticeable how Corona was convicted not for being Gloria Arroyo's man and part of her corrupt machinery but due to technicalities regarding his failure to comply with the law requiring officials and personnel of the reactionary government to declare all of their wealth and property.

The people were disappointed with how Aquino's people avoided prosecuting Corona as an Arroyo stooge. They were also disappointed with the fact that as Corona stood trial, Aquino was granting one privilege after another to Arroyo who was under hospital arrest, instead of heeding the widespread clamor to incarcerate her in a regular prison.

Corona's ouster on the basis of a technicality is being arrogantly portrayed by the Aquino regime as a huge victory in eradicating government corruption. But after nailing Corona for failing to declare his hidden wealth, the Aquino faction is being such a big hypocrite for refusing and thoroughly opposing the challenge to sign a waiver that would allow the public to look into their bank accounts.

The Aquino clique's claims of having hooked the "biggest fish" in the judiciary or in the entire reactionary government is an empty boast. The Filipino people are aware that the biggest plunderers like Marcos have never stashed the bulk of their ill-gotten wealth under their real names.

The people know that corruption in the reactionary government is not the act of a few "lost souls" like Corona. Corruption--the use of the privileges of state power to amass wealth--is rampant in the reactionary government. It is intrinsic in a backward and rotten economic and political system for the ruling classes to rely on using the state to accumulate and expand their wealth and power.

The worst cases of corruption take the form of using government influence and power to favor the businesses or economic interests of the local and foreign ruling classes. The latter use their people in government to ensure that policies, laws and contracts are all in accordance with their interests.

Now that the Aquino clique has the Supreme Court in its pockets, it has more audacity to use state power to advance the interests of the big comprador bourgeoisie allied with Aquino such as Danding Cojuangco, Lucio Tan, Manuel Pangilinan, Lucio Co, Henry Sy and other big businessmen. Aquino will step up the use of state power to pave the way for the big infrastructure projects and operations of foreign big mining and other corporations. He will intensify his seizure of economic privileges previously enjoyed by the Arroyo camp through various contracts entered into by government.

In this regard, the farm workers of Hacienda Luisita must further strengthen their struggles to have the vast Cojuangco-Aquino estate subjected to land reform. Aquino and the Cojuangco family are sure to use their newfound power in the Supreme Court to circumvent and oppose the court's earlier decision to distribute the Hacienda Luisita lands.

Aquino will likewise become more bold in using state power to suppress the people. Goaded and supported by US imperialism, Aquino has been using unbridled fascist violence under Oplan Bayanihan to suppress the people's struggles. The consolidation of Aquino's power makes him even more brutal in using the military, the police and the paramilitary and will worsen violations of human rights.

In consolidating his power, we can expect Aquino to be even more persistent in his obsequiousness to US imperialism and in complying with the latter's objective of continually strengthening its military presence in the Philippines. Now that the reins of power in all three branches of government are in his hands, Aquino will grow bolder in trampling on existing laws that advance national sovereignty in order to allow the US military to use the Philippines as one big base for its interventionism in the country and its operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Aquino will also become bolder in following the orders of the US, the International Monetary Fund and foreign big banks and capitalists and further expand the implementation of the liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization policies. Aquino is now in a stronger position to advance the "cha-cha" or charter change being pushed by US imperialism and Aquino's people in the Liberal Party.

The Filipino people must respond to the steps taken by Aquino to consolidate his clique by further solidifying their ranks and thoroughly exposing and opposing corruption, plunder, repression and human rights violations and puppetry to US imperialism.

The progressive and revolutionary forces must become well-versed in exposing the Aquino regime's empty propaganda and the corruption of the ruling system and advance their democratic struggles for jobs, just wage increases, lower prices of oil, food and other basic commodities, bigger budgets for education and health care, and the right to housing and against demolition, among others. They must step up their courage to resist repression and fascist violence.

They must strengthen their struggle for genuine land reform and national industrialization and resist the Aquino regime's program to maintain the current semicolonial and semifeudal system.

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