Only through the national-democratic revolution can we truly be an independent nation!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
June 12, 2012

While June 12 has long been marked as “Independence Day,” the NDFP –Mindanao believes, however, that this has misled generations of Filipinos into thinking that we are free from imperialist rule, falsely educating us regarding our revolutionary history. The truth is: because the nation continues to suffer under the neo-colonial rule of US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, genuine national freedom and democracy for the Filipino people are yet to be attained.

Declaring June 12 as “Independence Day” is a mockery of the Filipino people’s revolutionary history, given that on June 12, 1898, the declaration of “liberation from Spanish colonial rule” and the proclamation of the “First Philippine Republic,” were made by the very traitors of the Katipunan, headed by the capitulationist ilustrado Emilio Aguinaldo, “under the protection of the mighty North American Nation.” While the so-called founders of the “First Philippine Republic” kowtowed before US imperialism, patriotic Katipuneros continued to resist the new invaders until 1906, and the Moro resistance in Mindanao until 1912.

US imperial forces duped Filipinos into believing that it would actually liberate the Philippines from Spain, but the US became an even worse aggressor, whose aim was to exploit the country’s rich natural and human resources.  This ushered the country into the bloody Filipino-American war of 1899-1902, where more than 1.5 million Filipinos perished or about 21% of the entire Philippine population. Since then, the US imperialist power held direct dominion over all the economic and social aspects of our nation.

Presently, our economy is virtually dominated by imperialist entities -- large-scale mining, logging and agri-business -- which continue to deplete and ravage our natural resource. This is painfully clear in Mindanao with the continuing operations of the most destructive companies like Xstrata-SMI, Toronto Ventures, Inc., Taganito Mining, Dole, Del Monte, and a host of others. Energy sources are under the control and ownership of monopoly capitalists like Shell, Caltex, Petron and the Henry Sy-owned National Grid Corporation of the Phils. (NGCP) -- monopolies which can dictate the prices of these prime commodities at a whim in order to suit their profit motive, at the expense of the people who carry the greatest burden of the current economic crisis.

Of late, the encroachment of China on Philippine territories has become another litmus test on whether or not we are truly independent as a sovereign nation.  The Filipino people, to counteract being used as a mere sounding board and pawns of US interests, should assert their sovereignty independently, and, at the same time, resist in making the country a launch base once again for US aggression in the Asia-Pacific region.

The only way genuine independence can be achieved is through the people’s war, which aims to liberate the nation from the control and machinations of US imperialism and its local lackeys.  The seeds of true independence are being sown in revolutionary bases in the countryside, where collective political and economic struggles are advocated and upheld to combat oppression and semi-feudal exploitation; where a cultural revolution to smash the chains of anti-social, decadent and feudal culture is advanced; where collective militancy is fomented to defend themselves from state repression.

Just as the Katipunan rallied and mobilized millions of Filipinos to fight against colonial repression, the NDFP-Mindanao, now more than ever, call on the people to unite under the banner of the national-democratic revolution to completely break free from control of US imperialism and its puppets.#