Arroyo release, in exchange for support of Aquino programs--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 26, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today charged the Aquino regime of discarding the Filipino people's longstanding demand to have Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo face justice in exchange for the Arroyo clique's support.

"This is the height of political quid pro quo between the ruling Aquino clique and the different factions of the reactionary ruling classes," said the CPP. "It is no surprise that Arroyo was released the day after her minority stooges in Congress declared Aquino a 'great leader' and applauded the program of action set during his state of the nation address last Monday."

"Arroyo has committed grave violations of human rights, plundered the nation's coffers and betrayed the country's national sovereignty. Despite this, the Aquino regime and all its minions continue to provide her with a wide legal berth to maneuver herself out of detention ," said the CPP. "Her release from hospital detention was the logical consequence of the apparently deliberate legal fumblings of Aquino's prosecutors both from the Department of Justice and the Commission on Elections."  

Arroyo's petition for bail was granted yesterday after Judge Jesus Mupas of Pasay Regional Trial Court Branch 112 decided that government prosecutors failed to show strong evidence of her guilt over charges of electoral sabotage. Her bail was set at P1 million, which she promptly posted the same day.

"Arroyo's release from hospital detention was further facilitated by the Sandiganbayan's failure to immediately issue a warrant for her arrest for the plunder case filed before it," said the CPP. "Even this plunder case which alleges the misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office funds is seen to be weak. Arroyo has been treated with kid gloves in complete contrast to the characteristic brutality of her rule and the gravity of the crimes she is accused of."

"It is plain to see that the Aquino regime has no real intention of giving the Filipino people the justice they deserve," added the CPP.