Defend National Sovereignty, Arrest Aquino’s Puppetry to U.S. Imperialist!

Patnubay de Guia
National Democratic Front-Southern Tagalog Region
July 12, 2012

On June 16, Aquino ordered the withdrawal of Philippine vessels from the West Philippine Sea citing bad weather as the cause. The weather has cleared up, but until now, redeploying vessels back to the shoal remains uncertain.

At the outset, Aquino government played like weather unsure of its own directions. Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Raul Hernandez, would not say if the Philippine vessels would return to the shoal. Abigail Valte, on the other hand, was heard saying, “I don’t want to preempt our actions at the moment… We will be able to advise you as soon as the reevaluation is made or if we have something concrete that we can share with you. As of the moment, we have not been advised by the DFA when the reevaluation is going to take place—what specific time or date.” For a government that is supposedly armed with foresight, Hernandez and Valte sounded downright disingenuous.

To begin with, the weather was never in question. Using weather as an alibi is just as much as inauthentic as it is contradictory to a government that avows to protect and defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is baffling how Aquino expects the people to believe that alibi to justify its move. Aquino is concerned about the safety of the Philippine vessels and their crew but failed to send reinforcements. Aquino avows patriotism but pulled out naval presence that strengthens the country’s claim to disputed islands leaving the people wondering what is the actual reason behind Aquino’s order and what is just smoke and mirrors.

Hernandez and Valte’s intentional ambiguity was obviously purposeful. It was calculated to evade generating hype or keep it at a minimum. Aquino’s order is an act of surrendering national sovereignty over the disputed islands. It bears the mark of cowardice. Unfolding before the people is a government completely inept in defending its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The conflict between countries that stake a claim over the disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea may solely appear as war between them such as a case of the Philippines versus China. But underneath lies deeper motives; moving behind is a superpower having an insatiable greed for power. That while Aquino pretends to be sovereign and free, it is incapable of defending national sovereignty without begging and relying on the U.S. for defense.

Aquino's puppetry is not getting any subtler. It allows U.S. naval ships and military aircraft access to the country’s naval and airport facilities. It encourages U.S. military intervention in the Spratly’s dispute, recently stating the possibility of asking the U.S. for spy planes to hover over Panatag Shoal. This reflects an implicit contract between the Philippines and the U.S. legalizing the gathering of intelligence and other military operations of the latter. The Philippines is treated not as an ally; it is a functioning cog in great machinery speeding toward the fulfillment of needs and interests of its imperialist master.

Conflicts that can otherwise be resolved through diplomatic means are intensified by U.S. interventionism. In truth, the U.S. is the one that provokes Aquino to intensify the conflict between the Philippines and China rendering the latter of gaining sole dominance on the Asia Pacific Region’s broad and rich market. The U.S. allies itself with ASEAN countries, which is based on its policy shift toward strengthening its power and control in the region.

Overdependence to the U.S. imperialist forfeits the way to achieve national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Aquino’s puppetry to the U.S. is a picture of itself failing to be a government to the Filipino people. It is Aquino’s inauthenticity and contradictoriness that when juxtaposed with cowardice and ineptness magnify void and shallowness to its perspective. We are not in any way indebted to the U.S. but Aquino’s “path of righteousness” leads the people all the way to bondage.

Arrest Aquino’s Puppetry to U.S. imperialist!
Down with U.S. imperialism!
Defend National Democracy and Sovereignty!