Puppetry to US is Aquino's No. 1 priority, series of high-level meetings shows--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 17, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said the series of meetings between Benigno Aquino III and key American security officials over the past several months shows how the Aquino regime gives top priority to serving its US imperialist master. Aquino is obviously always beside himself whenever a key defense, security or military official of the US arrives in the Philippines, ensuring his availability to meet up and fawn before his demigods.

The CPP said that yesterday's meeting between Aquino and US Pacific Commander Adm. Samuel Locklear "further reinforces the master-puppet relationship between the Aquino regime and the imperialist US government." In interviews conducted after the meeting with Aquino, the US official declared "we want the Filipinos to be a reliable ally to us" while declaring its intention of extending military support to the Aquino government to help it achieve so-called credible defense.

"As a 'reliable ally' of the US imperialists, the Aquino regime intends to pursue its policy of allowing the US military to continue having unlimited access to Philippine territorial waters, land and air space to provide the US imperialists a platform to project and flex its military muscle and extend its hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region," added the CPP.

"In order to justify US military intervention, the Aquino regime continues to whip up tension over the South China Sea conflict," said the CPP. "Goaded by the US government, the Aquino regime has invoked the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty seeking US military support in its sovereignty claims over the Spratlys and other land features in the area."

"The US government is extremely elated over the Aquino regime's liberal policy on the entry and operation of the US military in the Philippines," said the CPP. "Among the biggest favors the Aquino regime has granted the US military is providing it greater access to its former facilities at the Subic Naval Base where it can tap the services of giant shipbuilder Hanjin and others."

"Successive dockings of American nuclear submarines and warships in Subic, Manila and other ports across the country underscore how the Aquino regime has virtually transformed the Philippines into one vast US military base," said the CPP. "In addition, the Aquino regime continues to allow the US military, as well as police and intelligence agencies to operate in the Philippines and engage in counter-guerrilla, combat, intelligence, psywar and so-called civic-military operations targeted primarily against the anti-imperialist revolutionary forces."