Bigger calamity awaits Filipino people with impending "cha-cha"--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 11, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today warned that "a calamity bigger than the recent floods is brewing as minions of the Aquino regime are busy coordinating to speed up 'charter-change.'"

The CPP chided Speaker Feliciano Belmonte for "exuding excitement over the prospects of attaining the reactionary 'cha-cha' dream while millions struggle to recover from the destruction of their homes and properties and the loss of their livelihood caused by the torrential rains and flood waters."

"The prospects for attaining 'chacha' within the year through a legislative ambush is growing by the day, as the US-Aquino regime and their political lieutenants are building a consensus among the congressmen and senators by dangling political support for next year's elections."

The CPP urged the Filipino people "to raise their nationalist voices and oppose the moves to put into place more liberalization policies into the 1987 Philippine constitution. The objective of breaking down all barriers against foreign ownership of land and businesses in the Philippines will lead to even greater economic and social calamities in the Philippines."

"The advocates of 'cha-cha' are weaving the myth of a 'free market' system to justify their demand to break down all anti-liberal trade and investment policies that protect local capital and the national patrimony," said the CPP. "The demand for 'cha-cha' is not the Filipino people's, but of local big bourgeois compradors who wish to entice and partner with foreign big capital in plundering local resources, accessing international credit and exploiting cheap Filipino labor," added the CPP.