NHC-NPA-LAGUNA suspends offensive actions to undertake relief operations

Magdalena Kalayaan
Nilo Hatol Command - NPA-LAGUNA
August 10, 2012

The NHC-NPA-LAGUNA will temporarily suspend offensive actions against government troops stationed in the province of Laguna to continue the mobilization of its Red Commanders and Fighters in rescue and relief for the flooding victims.

This is done in accordance with the directives from proper revolutionary authorities and organs of the Communist Party of the Philippines and National Democratic Front of the Philippines for humanitarian reason. The temporary suspension of offensive action against government troops will start early morning tomorrow, August 11, 2012 and will last until 12:00 midnight of August 17, 2012.

Within this period of time, members of AFP-PNP including its para-military force CAFGU shall be free to visit their families and love ones inside the territories of the Democratic People's Government without fear of being arrested or be subjected to offensive action by members of  NHC-NPA-Laguna. They are free to help their families who were also flood victims as long as they will not resort to criminal activities while inside the revolutionary territories.

While temporarily suspending its offensive action and continuing its rescue operation and providing assistance to flood victims, all NPA units in the province including partisan units and people's militias shall be on a defensive mode and will remain vigilant and be prepared to engage in battle if government forces attacked them.  Our past experiences with the fascist troops of AFP-PNP clearly prove that they continuously launched offensive military action even in the midst of typhoon and calamities.

Last August 5, 2012, in the midst of heavy rains and flooding in most parts of Laguna, the fascist members of 1st IB-PA-AFP kidnapped and tortured NDFP-Laguna members Jesus Abetria and Restituto Galicia in Longos, Kalayaan, Laguna. They were kidnapped while en-route to a medical facility for medication after consulting with members of Nilo Hatol Command about the plan to mobilize NPA personnel to rescue and provide assistance to the victims of heavy floods that affected most towns of the province of Laguna.

They are now illegally detained in Fort Bonifacio, Philippine Army Camp. They are now being held incommunicado by the  PA-AFP.  They were interrogated without their counsel and charged with fabricated crimes.

Until now, instead of providing assistance to the  victims of heavy floods,  members of the fascist AFP-PNP are  scouring the towns of Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Lumban, Pangil, Pakil, Mabitac, Magdalena, Kalayaan, Majayjay, Paete, Cavinti, Liliw and Nagcarlan to stop NPA members from helping and providing assistance to victims of heavy floods. They continue to unleash terror and violence against the people of Laguna and will be dealt with be dealt with accordingly by NHC-NPA-Laguna. Instead of foods and shelters, the AFP-PNP members drowned the victims with floods of bullets and bombs.

However, this act of government troops will not deter members of NHC-NPA-Laguna to continue its rescue mission and providing assistance to victims of flooding. Fully aware of enemy operations, NPA members are fully resolved to provide assistance to the people.

The people of Laguna demand the Aquino regime to order its AFP-PNP troops in Laguna to cease its Oplan Bayanihan campaign of terror and suppression in Laguna. Military troops and police personnel must be pulled out immediately from the fishing and farming villages in the province. The flooding victims, especially, demand respite from AFP militarization and human rights violations.

The revolutionary forces demand the AFP to release Jesus Abetria and Restituto Galicia for them to be involved in providing assistance to the flooding victims. The Aquino regime must punish big business who wantonly destroys the environment of the province instead of arresting people who are genuinely serving the people and working to protect the environment like Abetria and Galicia.

In this period of calamity, NHC-NPA-Laguna also calls for those who are willing to help, that we accept donations and any contributions for the victims. Anyone who wishes to help the victims can contact and coordinate with any unit of NPA-Laguna. Any help you provide will be given directly to the flood victims.