CPP denounces US government interference in South China Sea conflict, Subic docking of US warship

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
September 04, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of "meddling in the South China Sea conflict by pushing Southeast Asian countries with overlapping claims in the disputed islands and land formations to come up with a common position to serve as a US counterweight to its frenemy relations with China." At the same time, the CPP condemned the arrival and docking yesterday of yet another US military warship at the Subic Naval base.

"The US government is using the South China Sea conflict as justification for its policy of intervention in the Asia-Pacific, making overarching ultra-nationalist claims of interest in the crucial sea route," said the CPP. "Over the past year, the US government continues to stoke the South China Sea conflict, provoking Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries to issue anti-China statements and seek US military assistance."

The CPP pointed out that the US government tried but failed to get the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to stand collectively against China in its July meeting in Cambodia.

"The US government wants to build an anti-China, US-supported multi-country consensus over the issue of the South China Sea conflict and use this to pressure China to open up its economy and allow full liberalization of trade and investment policies," said the CPP.

"The US imperialist government is heightening its intervention in the Asia-Pacific region in a desperate effort to ride over the prolonged economic recession in the US and the world capitalist system," said the CPP. "China remains the biggest US economic partner. However, the US needs to build up its military strength and political clout in the region in order to gain more access to the economy of China."

"The docking of the USS Frank Cable, described as an American warship that provides at-sea support for attack submarines of the US Navy, is another affront to Philippine national sovereignty, and is in line with US efforts to build its military strength and project its power in the Asia-Pacific region," said the CPP.

Just a little over two weeks ago, another US warship, the missile destroyer USS Millius, docked in Manila. "The increasing frequency of interventionist incursions into Philippine territory, benignly portrayed as 'goodwill visits' and 'routine port calls' are part of the US imperialist drive to impose its military power in the region."

"The puppet Aquino regime shamelessly allows the US government to trample on Philippine sovereignty and use the Philippines as a military outpost for its interventionism in the region."