Roxas appointment boosts Aquino 2013 election, PPP, chacha, demolitions--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippine
September 01, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) said the appointment of Sec. Mar Roxas as secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is in line with the Aquino regime's strategy of securing the 2013 elections, boost the charter change drive and intensify the demolition campaign against urban poor communities.

"The claim that there is 'no politics' in the appointment of Roxas is the height of hypocrisy and deception," said the CPP. "Roxas is president of the ruling Liberal Party. His ambitions of becoming president in 2016 is all over him."

"As secretary of the DILG, Roxas will surely use the local government network to extend the influence and organized machinery of the Liberal Party," said the CPP. "He will also use his powers as head of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to ensure the appointment of allied police officials to key positions to secure the results of the 2013 elections in their favor."

"Roxas is a vociferous advocate of liberalization and the entire policy set of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank," said the CPP. "He advocates  allowing foreign big capitalists to fully own business operations in the Philippines. He is pushing for full foreign control of the light railway system project to Cavite. He is an advocate of the Public-Private Partnership program of the Aquino regime and will surely use his post at the DILG to push for PPP projects nationwide."

"For certain, Roxas will use his position in the DILG to secure support of local government officials for the 'chacha' drive in the next few months," said the CPP.

"Like Aquino, Mar Roxas comes from one of the biggest landlord families in the Philippines. Like Aquino, Roxas is likewise extremely contemptuous of the Filipino toiling masses," said the CPP.  "Over the past year, he has been pushing for the eviction of farmers in a rural community in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, because the land which the residents have been tilling for decades is being claimed by his mother's landlord clan, the Aranetas. The land is set to be the site of a transportation hub and terminal for the LRT extension project."

"As DILG secretary, Roxas will also preside over the demolition masterplan of the Aquino regime which aims to clear vast real estate in Metro Manila by forcibly removing urban poor communities in the name of 'flood control'," said the CPP.

"The appointment of Roxas highlights the continuing and deepening factional struggle within the Aquino regime," said the CPP. "In stark contrast to the nominal ad interim appointment of former DILG secretary Jesse Robredo, who died in a plane crash two weeks ago, Roxas has been accorded full powers to reorganize the DILG and complete control over the PNP."

"Even before he could warm his seat as DILG secretary, Roxas removed Rico Puno, known associate of the rival 'Kabarilan' group, who was appointed in 2010 as undersecretary specifically to head the PNP."