CPP calls for opposition to Aquino plans to open 1 million hectares of Moro land to foreign mining companies

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

October 31, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) called on the Filipino and Moro peoples "to unite and oppose plans by the Aquino regime to open up at least a million hectares of Moro land to foreign mining companies." The CPP said this can only result in the plunder of the Moro people's rich oil, gas and other mineral and timber resources and the exploitation and oppression of the Moro people."

The CPP said the Aquino regime is taking advantage of the "peace fanfare" over the signing of the Framework Agreement between the Manila-based reactionary Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) "in order to boost the entry of foreign monopoly-capitalists companies which have long been drooling over the rich natural resources in areas covered by the Moro people's ancestral domain."

The CPP issued the statement in reaction to reports that the Aquino regime's Department of Energy has opened for bidding Area 11 covering 600,000 hectares and Area 12 covering 456,000 hectares of mineral lands both in Cotabato. These are located in the basin areas covering 14,000 square kilometers, including parts of the Liguasan Marsh.

"The US government has long been seeking to exploit the rich potentials of the Moro land," said the CPP. It cited a 2006 intelligence assessment by the US embassy stating that "the Philippines may have untapped minerals worth between $840 billion to $1 trillion" in Mindanao.

"Imperialist governments representing mining and oil giants welcomed the signing of the MILF-GPH Framework Agreement mainly because of the opportunities that have opened up for plundering and exploiting the rich mineral and natural resources of the Moro people," said the CPP.

"The CPP urges the MILF to firmly hold on to their aspirations for national self-determination and assert their right to develop a self-sufficient economic system for their homeland," said the CPP. "The Moro people can and must pursue a program for land reform and national industrialization in order to emancipate the majority poor peasants and ensure that the Moro nation can stand on its own feet."

"The Moro people should not allow the economic subjugation of their nation by foreign monopoly capitalists which are interested only in raking in super-profits through the extraction of cheap minerals and natural resources of oppressed nations and exploiting cheap labor," added the CPP.

"Clearly, the puppet Aquino regime is using the Framework Agreement to compel the MILF to surrender its weapons, bow to the authority of the Philippine government and open up the Moro lands to the plunder and exploitation of big foreign mining companies and other big capitalists," said the CPP.

"Aquino is determined to undo the Moro people's centuries-long history of resistance where they have so far succeeded largely in keeping their ancestral lands free from foreign plunderers and their local big comprador partners in the Philippines."