CPP slams 'routine patrols' of US warships in Philippine territorial waters

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
October 25, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today slammed the Aquino regime for allowing the USS McCampbell to engage in so-called routine patrols and sail in various parts of Philippine waters. The USS McCampbell was reported yesterday to be around 75 kilometers northwest of Lubang Island near Mindoro when it chanced upon and took in five fishermen whose boat began taking in water.

The USS McCampbell is part of the George Washington Air Carrier Fleet and is to accompany its mother ship, the USS George Washington aircraft carrier in docking at Manila Bay.

"The US Embassy in Manila is making such big news out of the rescue of five fishermen off the coast of Mindoro. The incident, however, raises further questions regarding the extent to which US military forces are being allowed to carry out operations within Philippine territory," said the CPP.

"The incident reveals that US military warships are engaged in what the US embassy claims are 'routine western Pacific patrols' and that US military helicopters and aircraft carry out 'routine night-time flight operations' within Philippine territorial waters," said the CPP.

"Clearly, the US military forces operate in the Philippines way beyond the confines of so-called joint military exercises or humanitarian operations, and that these operations are being carried out in violation of Philippine sovereignty," added the CPP.

The CPP further pointed out that "the bigger question is to what extent has the Aquino regime given the US, a foreign military power, free rein to operate in Philippine territory, to fly its planes and drones, sail its naval warships and land its armed troops."

"Under the puppet Aquino regime, the US military has gained so much leeway in conducting its operations that at almost all times, there are American military forces, ships and aircraft that conduct intelligence, patrol, independent and joint combat operations inside the Philippines."

"With the all-out backing of the Aquino regime, the US forces have become emboldened and extremely arrogant in strutting around with their big guns, big ships and big jets in total contempt for Philippine sovereignty, " said the CPP.