Revision of history will not silence demand for punishment of Enrile etal's martial law abuses--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
October 01, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urged the Filipino people to reject Juan Ponce Enrile's revision of history that seeks to reinterpret the 14-year Marcos martial law rule. They must push their demand for Enrile and the rest architects and implementors of the Marcos martial law regime of 1972-1986 to be punished for their key role in the murder of thousands of peasants and workers and rampant violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

The CPP issued this statement in view of the recent release of Enrile's biography, extracts and reviews of which have been published over the past few days. Enrile, currently president of the reactionary senate, served as one of Marcos' most trusted official from the late 1960s to 1986. In his "A Memoir," "Enrile prettifies his role in the martial law regime, portraying himself as a critic of Imelda Marcos, a MalacaƱang outsider and a reluctant martial law implementor in a vain attempt to elude historical judgment."

"Even before there was a General Palparan, there was a Juan Ponce Enrile, the fascist butcher of martial law," said the CPP. "From 1972 until the end of the US-Marcos dictatorship, Enrile, as defense minister, signed the arrest warrants used by the armed agents of the fascist state to throw more than 120,000 peasants, workers, students, women, religious workers and other ordinary people in military and police detention centers. Many of them were kept in solitary confinement and made to suffer physical and psychological torture."

"Enrile's hands are forever stained with the blood of the close to 4,000 people 'salvaged' during Marcos' reign of terror," added the CPP. "He stands equally responsible with Marcos and his principal military and security officials including military generals such as Fidel Ramos and Fabian Ver for the grave abuses of human rights under the fascist Marcos dictatorship."

"Enrile also stands in parallel with big comprador and bureaucrat capitalists such as Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco, Antonio Floirendo (the "Banana King") and Roberto Benedicto (the "Sugar Baron"), who, as Marcos' biggest cronies, benefited immensely from martial law," added the CPP. "Under Marcos' martial law rule, Enrile was awarded vast logging concessions and bulldozed hundreds of thousands of hectares of timberland. He accumulated hundreds of millions of pesos as one of Marcos's dummies including serving as an official of the Coconut Producers Federation (CocoFed) which controlled the coconut levy fund.

In addition to his political and economic fiefdom in Cagayan province, Enrile seized a 95,000-hectare logging concession in Samar, the biggest in the island, encompassing the supposedly protected Samar Island Natural Park. Enrile's zealousness in protecting his economic interests led to the Las Navas massacre of September 1981 where 45 men, women and children were butchered by the private army guarding Enrile's logging concession. This massacre, perpetrated under Enrile's behest, remains one of the most heinous violations of international humanitarian law under Marcos' martial rule.

"With his new book, Enrile has exposed himself in public as a liar. In it, he claims that there was no reason to stage a fake ambush in 1972 in Mandaluyong. He overturns his own statement in 1986 made upon withdrawal of support from the Marcos regime when he disclosed that the 1972 'ambush' was staged so that it could serve as one of the pretexts for the declaration of Martial Law," pointed out the CPP.

"Enrile's revisionism of history is an extremely execrable act meant to delude the Filipino people, especially the present generation of young Filipinos, who have been fed with false or incomplete information about martial law," said the CPP.

"As one of the principal and most reliable stooge of the US imperialists, Enrile's memoirs seek to polish his image as a statesman, assuming the role of the political baton wielder, directing the reactionary classes and managing their conflicts under US government guidance," said the CPP. "Working closely with US government officials, Enrile is now working to build a consensus among the reactionaries to amend the 1987 constitution and remove restrictions against foreign investments and trade."

"The Filipino people must reject the self-serving lies being dished out by Enrile in his official biography," said the CPP. "Enrile seeks to hoodwink the Filipino people, present himself as among the principal charters of Philippine history, perpetuate the people's poverty of history and condemn them to eternal social apathy."

"It is the historic destiny, however, of the oppressed and exploited masses of Filipino workers and peasants to rid history of the cobwebs spun by Enrile and their ilk, rise up and lay claim to their role of charting the course of Philippine society as it marches towards writing a new chapter of modern revolutionary progress."