Aquino's Marcos-style cover-up of human rights violations

7 November 2012

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Aquino recently responded insolently to a flood of complaints on human rights violations by armed agents of the state by dismissing the growing cases of state violence against the people as nothing but "Leftist propaganda."

He even pervertedly accused the people of "violating the human rights of the military and police" by citing as an example urban poor residents throwing stones at demolition teams escorted by state agents armed with guns, teargas and truncheons.

In making such dismissive statements, Aquino has shown his fascist and antipeople character, his utter insensitivity to the sentiments and cries for justice of the families of victims of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearance and other violations of human rights perpetrated by the state.

Aquino manifested his gross disregard for worsening human rights abuses by state forces only days after soldiers of the 27th IB massacred the Capion family in Davao del Sur.

Aquino's denials remind us of how the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos propagated the lie that there were no political prisoners, when up to 70,000 people were imprisoned under martial law.

Like Marcos, Aquino denies the existence of political prisoners under his own regime. In fact, up to 170 political prisoners (out of a total 385) have been incarcerated under his two-year rule. There have also been 114 victims of extrajudicial killing; 127 victims of frustrated extrajudicial killing; 70 victims of torture; and 12 victims of enforced disappearance. In the countryside, hundreds of communities have been militarized, resulting in a reign of terror and abuse against the peasants, especially women and children. The Aquino regime has increasingly employed force in tearing down urban poor dwellings to give way to foreign-funded infrastructure projects.

In showing his indifference to gross violations of human rights by labelling them as mere "propaganda," Aquino is stoking the fascist military and police's unbridled use of force. He, in effect, defends the brutality of military and  police operations against the people. His much-vaunted measures, like charging the butcher Gen. Jovito Palparan, is all for show. In reality, it is Aquino and his regime who are "propagandizing."

Despite Aquino's braggadocio, he is unable to conceal the worsening violations of human rights under his regime's Oplan Bayanihan, which involves the outright suppression of peasants, workers, urban poor, students and other exploited and oppressed sectors who stand up and raise their voices against the reactionary regime's antipeople, antinational and anti-democratic policies.

The Filipino people are increasingly infuriated at how Aquino harps on being a victim of the abuses of martial law when he is in fact, no different from the former dictator in employing propaganda. He has become an expert at dishing out neverending lies and half-truths in the hope that the international community will believe this to be the truth.

Aquino has poured hundreds of millions of pesos of public funds to oil his propaganda campaigns. He and his yellow army of spinmeisters come up with manipulated economic statistics and self-serving surveys to project a pseudo-reality that downplays the pervasive socio-economic problems of poverty, unemployment, rising prices, low wages, hunger, homelessness and landlessness. He publicly bashes the media and public opinion makers who refuse to ride the Aquino fantasy bandwagon.

Aquino is so awash in his own lies that he has become increasingly arrogant and overweening in the face of criticism and dissatisfaction over his performance.

On the other hand, he enjoys the full support of his imperialist masters in carrying out his campaign of deception and suppression.

The broad masses of the people have no other recourse but to expose and firmly oppose the human rights abuses and the antipeople and antinational policies of the Aquino regime and continue asserting their national and democratic interests.


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