Accelerate the Increase of the New People’s Army, the Communist Party of the Philippines and Its Organizations; Frustrate the Reinforced Attacks by the Us-Aquino Regime and its Roxas Minion!!

Message of the Regional Party Committee,

26 December 2012

We join in celebration the 44th year of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines. We congratulate all Party cadres and members for scoring gains in the struggle against the US-Aquino regime. We salute with highest respect and inspiration our revolutionary heroes and martyrs.

Recently, the US-Aquino regime through its surrogate, the Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, deployed the 6th Special Action Force (SAF) Battalion in various areas of Panay to reinforce its more than one brigade anti-insurgency force. An additional objective is, of course, to repress rivals in the bourgeois opposition in order to impose its dominant position of power in the island especially in the light of the forthcoming local elections.

In deploying additional troops, the regime has tacitly admitted that not only did it fail to suppress the armed and political struggle of the Panayanons but has also conceded that the revolutionary movement in Panay has made major strides towards the building of Red political power in the countrysides. The democratic movement has also widened its influence and expanded its organization even in the populous areas of the island including its cities. So much so that the 3rd ID was constrained to warn all candidates not to support the revolutionary movement in the form of ‘access fee.’

The revolutionary movement’s advance is marked by its success in rendering inutile the enemy tactic of sustained pressure by unrelenting campaigns of encirclement and suppression of brigade and battalion-led forces. The three and a half years “keyhole tactic” of long-term troop saturation of areas, where they concede the revolutionary movement as strong, also came to naught. Increasing guerilla attacks against enemy troops whether on attack mode, while withdrawing to their base camps and even when resting have exhausted their troops and drained their morale. This year the NPA has inflicted tens of casualties, both dead and wounded, in sustained tactical offensives against enemy units while incurring only minimal casualties.

The NPA has not only preserved but strengthened its base areas in spite of the White terror of the occupying fascist troops. It has also seized the opportunity to expand and rapidly organize the masses and help solve their everyday problems in much wider territories abandoned by the regime politically, economically and militarily.

The Oplan Bayanihan of the regime deploying its Peace and Development Tactic could only antagonize the people whom they would want to win support. By forcibly occupying barangay schools, chapels and gyms they cowardly use the people as human shields to deter NPA attacks.

Most importantly, the 3rd Infantry Division could only pretend to solve the land problem of peasants by ever promising to return a portion of the Tumandok’s 33,000 hectares of ancestral domain which they had land-grabbed. The Aquino regime, in the name of ‘development’ would even drive the peasants from the watershed of the Jalaur dam, from land mined by foreign interests and the farm lots of farmers of Bungsuan, Dumarao for a PNP camp. How much more for the much ballyhooed Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) when the bulk of distributed lands have already reverted back to other landlords foreclosing these meager landholdings from deeply indebted peasants.

The regime redoubled its coverage of 4Ps (an organized program of sustained alms-giving) focused on people sympathetic to the armed struggle among other gimmicks. They even have their major economic projects like the Jalaur River Dam, the additional coal-fired power plant in Concepcion, the reclamation project in Leganes, the beautification of Iloilo estuaries, etc. from which they could enrich themselves. But tens of thousands of poor families would be driven from their land, homes and places of livelihood. And the regime could only wonder why more Panayanons are participating in the revolutionary movement and the armed struggle.

Clearly the regime and its local minions have reasons to worry. The Party elements and cadres, the full time NPA, the organized masses and areas where Red political power hold sway have increased from 15% to 30% in number. Not only has it picked up momentum in its growth, the revolutionary movement has also revved itself up to a point where it could expand its forces from the NPA to the organized masses and areas of influence and control at twice its current rate in the next period.

The US-Aquino regime, in pursuing the basic programs of the much-hated Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as dictated by its US masters further impoverished the masses of Filipinos including Panayanons. Its claim of some 7% gross national product growth only enriched foreign investors and the local big capitalists and landlords while grinding more people into poverty, idleness for lack of jobs and misery. One has only to go around during this christmas season and hear the multitude complain of less food at the table or disaster brought about by a major sickness in the family, much less for clothing, schooling and housing. Sales even of prime commodities have gone down compared to last year.

The forthcoming reactionary local election loses its tired-pretense at making the people choose who among the dynasties of big landlords and compradors or their agents would next take the lead in oppressing and exploiting them. Furthermore, the election only fanned the yawning rift between the Liberal Mar Roxas faction and the United Nationalist Alliance Binay-Estrada-Enrile faction further. All political groups in the island were forced to align along this division. Such division could only intensify as Roxas and Binay gear up for the presidential election of 2016.

The Party recently has concentrated its effort in checking up and revving up its cadres ang Party members for the revolutionary upsurge ahead. This included the striking from the list of inactive elements, the updating of new recruits, the retooling and upgrading of cadres and revitalizing of Party organs and structures. The Party in the region has been unified and armed with the call to significantly contribute to the nationwide leap to a new level of people’s war—the strategic stalemate.

Accordingly, the Regional Commitee of the CPP in Panay issues the following call:

1. Frustrate the reinforced attacks of the US-Aquino regime. The main initiative towards thwarting such attacks is the intensification of the islandwide tactical offensives.

The Party and the NPA in Panay will respect the latest suspension of hostilities as declared by the NDF and the GRP. But it will respond to any violation such as the active defence by ambushing a unit conducting assault operation in Sitio Anoy, Cabalaunan, Miag-ao during the period of AFP self-declared ceasefire itself wherein a soldier of the 82nd Bn was killed.

The revolutionary movement will resume defending itself after the ceasefire duration when the 301st Brigade cranks up its sustained attacks of our guerilla fronts with an all-out military campaign. The NPA will confront the enemy’s intensified campaigns with more tactical offensives at an increasing rate.

2. Further expose and oppose the US-Aquino regime when it continues to impose its disastrous and exploitative programs for the benefit of foreign capitalist interests and its local comprador and landlord agents at the expense of the Panayanons.

Support a popular movement to oppose the Jalaur Dam, big-scale mining and exploration, dislocation of thousands of families to give way to ‘development projects’ for big business and for military and police camps.
Develop further the people’s movement to alleviate their hunger and misery by developing the campaign for increased production and launching a regional campaign for the right to till, lowering of usurious rates and farm inputs, bigger price support for crops from the GRP and increase in wages.

Support the outbreak of popular anger spilling to the streets of urban centers and highways. Reach out to mobilize tens of thousands in action against unpopular and anti-people policies.

3. Further strengthen the Party and accelerate the rate of increase of the Party, the NPA and other mass organizations, and the localities and barangays organized by the revolutionary movement. Expand the people’s alliances to further extend the revolutionary influence and reach out to Panayanons in their millions.