Unite and demand justice for all US imperialist crimes against the Filipino people--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
January 23, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today urged all Filipino patriotic, progressive and democratic forces to raise the banner of Philippine national sovereignty to demand not only reparation over the damaging of the Tubbataha reef, but also to demand justice for all the crimes committed by the US imperialists against the Filipino people.

The CPP called on nationalist-minded students, professors, scientists, environmentalists, health workers, professionals, journalists and personalities to lead the national debate against the continuing US subjugation of the Philippines. "The times call for waging a war of ideas to expose and reject the basic presumptions of the Aquino regime's policy of subservience to the US as well as claims of 'friendship' between the US imperialists and the Filipino people."

"The brazen intrusion of the US naval warship at Tubbataha, the destruction of the corals and the high-handed display of firepower against Filipino reef rangers is but the latest scornful display of American arrogance against Philippine sovereignty," pointed out the CPP. "The Filipino people should unite to put an end to the continuing disregard of Philippine territorial integrity and the use of the country as a military outpost for US hegemonism and power projection operations in the Philippines."

"The present generation of Filipino patriots must condemn the subservient Aquino regime which has presented itself as a shameless apologist of US military in the face of the outright violations of Philippine sovereignty," said the CPP. "The Aquino regime is serving as a lapdog of the US imperial government in allowing the US military to use of the Philippines as its foreign outpost."

"Let there be a campaign to study the history of US colonial and semicolonial subjection of the Philippines and to expose the selfish ultra-nationalist economic interests of the US imperialists and the unwavering puppetry of the rulers of the Philippine republic since 1946," said the CPP.

"Let us be inspired by our revolutionary and patriotic heroes, from Bonifacio to Recto. Let us recall how the Filipino people fought an epic war of resistance against the US colonialists, how the US military used their superior firepower and employed scorched-earth tactics to kill millions Filipinos in the colonial subjugation of the Philippines and how the US government has remained officially unapologetic for their war crimes and crimes against humanity."

"The Filipino people must demand reparation for the intrusion and destruction at Tubbataha reefs by the USS Guardian. They should also demand an end to the incessant entry, docking and patrolling of US nuclear-capable warships in Philippine seas," said the CPP.

"Furthermore, the Tubbataha intrusion puts to the fore outstanding crucial issues involving outright violations of Philippine sovereignty in the past," said the CPP. "Among others, the US government should be castigated and be made to pay for the brutal shooting in the 1970s of an Aeta child scavenging in Clark Air Base whom the US soldiers claim was mistaken for a "wild pig."

The CPP pointed out that the US government continues to refuse to divulge where and how many nuclear weapons were stockpiled in the former US bases in Clark and Subic. The US government also continues to refuse to take responsibility for cleaning up the toxic waste left at these bases. The CPP also pointed out that American soldiers responsible for the shooting of peasant Buyong-buyong Isnijal in Basilan in 2002 remain unpunished.

The CPP also pointed out that the American soldier convicted of the 2005 Subic rape against a Filipina was whisked off to the US by to elude justice. US soldiers stationed in Zamboanga since 2002 have been involved in various cases of indiscriminate firings, maulings, assaults and various cases involving the cultural insolence of US troops.