CPP calls on youth to revive EDSA's spirit of rebellion

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
February 24, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urged the Filipino youth to "revive the spirit of rebellion that was at the core of the 1986 EDSA Uprising and which is urgently needed at this time when most of the Filipino people continue to aspire and struggle against the system of exploitation and oppression lorded over by those who seek to lay exclusive claim to EDSA."

"The EDSA Uprising of 1986 was the culmination of the people's long-drawn struggle against the US-Marcos dictatorship," said the CPP. "It would have not have come to fruition without the spirit of rebellion kept alive by the Filipino people, especially the youth, even during the darkest years of Marcos' brutal martial law dictatorship."

"From 1972 to 1986, the Filipino toiling masses waged relentless struggles against the US-Marcos dictatorship, going underground, building organizations, mobilizing people in the cities and carrying out mass work, land reform and revolutionary armed struggle in the countryside," said the CPP. "The spirit of struggle prevailed even inside Marcos' dungeons administered by his Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile, where tens of thousands of people were imprisoned and tortured."

"Just a few years after the declaration of martial law, workers would be launching factory strikes for wage increases and students would be launching mass demonstrations against tuition fee increases," added the CPP. "By waging armed struggle and land reform, the people started to sow the seeds of their own democratic government which would soon sprout and spread throughout the country."

"Those who lay claim to EDSA, mainly the Aquino principalia and their confrere, wish to portray it as simply a confluence of events, with patronizing praise for the people's sacrifices in order to put the spotlight on ruling class personalities as the 'heroes'," said the CPP. "They call the EDSA uprising a 'revolution' in order to conceal the fact that there was no basic change in the rotten old system and that the toiling masses remain as oppressed and exploited as ever."

"The concentration of wealth and so-called economic growth in the hands of a few oligarchs and their foreign capitalist partners and the spread of poverty, disease and desperation among the majority workers and peasants continue to this day," pointed out the CPP. "Land monopoly, corruption, foreign economic dominance, military abuses, low wages, the suppression of the right to unionize and strike and other ills of the past are still the ills of the present."

"The US imperialists and the ruling class of exploiters and oppressors wish to extinguish this spirit of rebellion, the assertion of the right to overthrow an oppressive and exploitative system through the force of collective democratic action, whether unarmed or armed," said the CPP. "The youth are particular targets of this campaign to promote historical apathy in the vain hope of keeping them from linking up with the past and the continuing revolution."

"They are bombarded with social cynicism and made to exalt individualism, modern media and technology and shiny gadgets as the end-all and be-all of their existence," added the CPP. "They are relentlessly assaulted with official statistical distortions and information spins in the hope of blinding them from the prevalent poverty, hunger, oppression and exploitation in their midst."

"It is thus incumbent on the Filipino youth to trace the unbroken historical threads of struggle leading to EDSA 1986 and which continue to unravel to this day," said the CPP. "They must imbue themselves with the spirit of rebellion and seek historical and social truths by linking up with the people and embracing the scientific methods of communist thinking."