NDF- Negros condemns the escalating war crimes and human rights violations committed by the AFP and PNP against the people as a result of the US-Aquino counter-revolutionary war Oplan Bayanihan

Ka Frank Fernandez
February 25, 2013

NDF- Negros condemns the escalating war crimes and human rights violations committed by the AFP and PNP against the people as a result of the US-Aquino counter-revolutionary war Oplan Bayanihan.

[Audio clip] However the truth is being systematically covered by President Aquino and other high officials of the government and the AFP/PNP on the bloody and brutal US sponsored Oplan Bayanihan. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the AFP and the Office of the Communications Group of Malacanang coordinate with each other and orchestrate in manipulating public opinion thru a heavy dosage of psywar propaganda materials in order to demonize the CPP-NPA and the NDF while deodorizing the image of the regime’s human rights record that they feed on the channels of the mainstream mass media, social networking, PR relation and social survey firms, anti-communist front organizations in order to conceal the rampage of state terrorism of extra-judicial killings, illegal arrests and detention, tortures, enforced disappearance, force evacuations, recruitment of minors as war combatants, forced occupation of public institutions and other atrocities. On the other hand, the reactionary regime protects the criminals in the military from being jailed, promote the others, and indifferent in punishing the Ampatuans.

The ambitious Oplan Bayanihan of the Aquino regime  aims to wipe out the armed revolution of the people in three years (2011-2013) with the full support of US imperialism, this together with the intensification of the military operation in the cities and the countrysides, attacks on the revolutionary forces, military and legal offensives against progressive forces. Their policy framework of “whole of the nation approach” involves the mobilization of “all the  stakeholders for peace” that in essence is the direct involvement of all the agencies of government, AFP/PNP initiated-sectoral organizations and alliances, reactionary, reformist and anti-communist organizations, NGOs and institutions for combat, intelligence, CMO operations of the AFP/PNP. Oplan Bayanihan has enflamed the civil war in the country on a higher degree of escalation of fascist terrorism and human rights violations against the people.

[Audio clip] The encounter between a unit of the NPA and the armed PNP and BPAT last January 27, 2013, in Brgy Puso, La Castellana, Negros Occidental is a clear case that shows the systematic application of the CIA-AFP and Office of the Communications Group psywar plan that was implemented by the officials of the AFP/PNP and the CMO Battalion 3ID, Phil Army in Western Visayas that was supported by Governor Alfredo Maranon. They sensationalized the military-police version of the incident as an “ambush” and “massacre” and they overglossed the issue on the two civilians that were killed and others that were wounded to influence public perception that will turn negative against the revolutionary movement.  Along with this is their objective to cover the truth behind the very basic character of the PNP and the BPAT as part of the fascist instrument of the reactionary state in suppressing the revolutionary movement and in protecting the interests of the big comprador bourgeoisie, landlords and foreign capitalists.

Let us remember the words of Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz last October 2012, regional police director of Western Visayas on the additional deployment of 450 police officers for the police stations of Negros and Panay and the 6th RPSB will be getting 480 policemen and women. He said that he will “maximize the deployment of PNP personnel for anti-criminality and insurgency campaign” to include the mobilization of “Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams, tanods and volunteers for intelligence monitoring, crime prevention and control…” and to target the revolutionary forces.

Base on the initial investigation of the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command, the BPAT groups in the towns of La Castellana and Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental and the towns of Pamplona and Siaton, Negros Oriental and other towns, are armed with high and low caliber weapons, they are being mobilized by the PNP and the Phil Army for combat, intelligence and psywar operations. Some active BPAT members and ex-RPAs are also hired by landlords, corrupt Department of Agriculture (DAR) officials  in dividing and creating trouble and threatening  the peasants, landgrabbing of the lots of CARP  farmer beneficiaries. The arming of the BPAT and mobilizing them for counter-insurgency operations, and anti-people activities will make them legitimate targets by the military and police operations of the NPA. In order to maintain their civilian status, the AFP and PNP should stop arming  and utilizing them in anti-people and anti-revolutionary activities.

Despite the anti-revolutionary and anti-people record of BPAT, it is not the intention of the NPA unit in Central Negros to punish o ambush the PNP and BPAT aboard the canter truck. The NPA guerrilla unit employed the tactic of surprise-checkpoint in order to stop the canter truck of the barangay in order to dis-arm the police and the armed BPAT members in fatigue uniform. However the NPA on standby were forced to fire when they were fired upon by members of the PNP and the BPAT.

NDF-Negros laments that civilians were involved in the incident last January 27 encounter. In order to avoid the repeat of such incident and minimize civilian casualties, we are reminding the public on the reality that the civil war in the country between the bourgeoisie compradors –landlords and the oppressed and exploited  people is escalating. The people should avoid and resist to be used as human shields by the AFP and PNP against the NPA, by intended ride-on aboard with armed soldiers-policemen on military and police vehicles or government and private vehicles, occupation and stay in health clinic centers, day care centers, schools and houses of the masses, and the establishment of their military and police detachments in the populated centers of the barrio.

We also call on the officials of the reactionary government units and individuals not to allow the use of their vehicles in the transport of AFP and PNP and their military equipments.

The long history of the world revolutionary movement  show that just wars cannot avoid errors in the process of struggle for the fundamental interests  of the people against the exploiting and oppressive foreign occupiers-aggressors  and local reactionaries. The CPP-NPA and other allied organizations of NDF-Negros do not deny that it has committed mistakes, do self-criticism and are determined to rectify their mistakes just like in the Second Great Rectification Movement of the 1990s against the grave errors of the 1980s and in admitting them, do self-criticism and rectification from 1990-2012. However what cannot be denied is the fact that the revolutionary forces of the CPP-NPA and the NDF represent the advance force of the people in order to carry forward their historical and fundamental interests in launching their revolutionary struggle until the victory of the national democratic fight against US imperialism, local feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

No matter how strong is the psywar machinery of the Aquino regime and the AFP/PNP in deodorizing their image, it is impossible to erase their very nature as instruments of reaction and fascist terror against the exploited people and that they only serve the interests of the foreign capitalists and the local big comprador bourgiesie and landlords. And in the face of the worsening crisis of the economy that is being shouldered by the people and the strengthening of the peoples’ struggle, the reactionary government , the AFP and the PNP becomes more desperate and commits more war crimes, errors and violations of human rights against the people. And even the naked truth has manifested the war crimes of the US-Aquino regime, it’s AFP/PNP will always insist the“policy of denial” in their murder of Benjamen Bayles of Himamaylan City and the massacre of the Fableo family of Canlaon City.


Press Statement
Pebrero 25, 2013
Ginakondenar sg NDF – Negros ang nagalubha nga war crimes kag paglapas sg  AFP kag PNP sg kinamatarung sg pumuluyo

Ginakondenar sg NDF – Negros ang nagalubha nga war crimes kag paglapas sg mga kinamatarung batok sa pumuluyo nga ginkomitir sg AFP kag PNP nga nangin resulta sg US-Aquino counterrevolustionary war Oplan Bayanihan.

Apang ang nasambit nga kamatuoran sistematikong ginahinabonan ni Presidente Aquino upod sg mga mataas nga opisyal sg iya gobyerno kag AFP/PNP bahin sa pagkamadugoon kag brutalidad nga US-sponsored Oplan Bayanihan.Koordinado nga gina-orchestrate sg CIA-AFP and Office of the Communications Group sg Malacanang ang pagmanipular sg public opinion paagi sa heavy dosage of psywar propaganda materials agud i-demonisa ang CPP-NPA kag NDFP samtang ginapahamot ang imahen sg rehimen sg iya human rights record nga ila gina-feed sa mga tsanel sg mainstream mass media, social networkings, PR relation and social survey firms, anti-communist front organizations agud matakpan ang nagapadayon nga pagluntad sa pungsod sg state terrorism of extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests and detention, tortures, enforced disappearance, force evacuations, recruitment of minors as war combatants, forced occupation sg public institutions kag iban pa nga kalakasan.  Sa pikas bahin, malig-on nga ginaproteksyonan sg reaksyonaryong rehimen ang mga kriminal nga mga militar nga indi maipit sg prisohan, ginpromote ang iban, kag ara man ini ang pagka-indiperente para masilotan ang mga Ampatuans.

Bangud sg pagka-ambisyoso sg Oplan Bayanihan sg rehimen Aquino nga papason ang armadong rebolusyon Pilipino sa sulod 3 lamang ka tuig (2011 – 2013) sa idalom sg lubos-suporta sg imperyalistang US, dala man sini ang wala sg katulad nga pagbaskog nga militarisasyon sa kaumhan kag syudad kag pagkasingki sg mga operasyon militar batok sa mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa kag lakip na ang ila military and legal offensives batok sa mga progresibong pwersa.  Ang ila policy framework sg “whole of nation approach” naga-imbolbar sg mobilisasyon sg gintawag nila “tanan nga stakeholders para sa kalinong” nga sa esensya direktang pag-imbolbar ukon pagsuporta sg mga ahensya sg gobyerno, AFP/PNP initiated-sectoral organizations and alliances, kag sg  reactionary, reformist and anti-communist organizations, NGOs and institutions para sa combat, intelligence, CMO operations sg AFP/PNP.  Gingatongan sg Oplan Bayanihan ang kalayo sg giyera sibil sg pungsod sa mas mataas nga degri sg eskalasyon sg pasistang terorismo and human rights violations batok sa pumuluyo.

Ang insidente sg enkwentro sa tunga sg NPA unit kag armadong pwersa sg PNP kag BPAT sg Enero 27, 2013, Brgy Puso, La Castellana, Negros Occidental isa ka matingkad nga kaso nga nagpakita sg nangin sistematikong aplikasyon sg CIA-AFP and Office of Communications Group psywar plan nga ginpatuman sg mga mataas nga opisyal sg AFP/PNP kag CMO Battallion 3ID, Phil. Army sa Western Visayas kag gin-updan ni Gobernador Alfredo Maranon.Ila ginsensisyonalisa ang military-police version sg insidente bilang isa ka “ambus” kag “masaker” kag ginpatampok nila ang isyu bahin sg nadalahig nga 2 sibilyan nga napatay kag mga napilasan para impluwensyahan ang public perception  nga mangin negatib batok sa rebolusyonaryong kahublagan. Kag kadungan sini amo ang ila katuyoan nga matabonan ang kamatuoran bahin sa sandigan nga karakter sg PNP kag BPAT bilang kabahin sg pasistang instrumento sg reaksyonaryong estado agud sa pagsupresar sa rebolusyonaryong kahublagan kag proteksyonan ang interes sg mga dalagkung komprador burgesya, agalon mayduta kag dumuluong nga kapitalista.

Aton panumdomon ang ginpabugal ni Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz sg Oktubre 2012, regional police director sg Western Visayas ang bahin sa pagdeploy sg dugang nga 450 police officers para sa police stations sa Negros kag Panay kag  ang 6th RPSB makakuha man sg 480 policemen and women.  Iya ginsiling nga iya“imaksimisa ang deployment sg PNP personnel for anti-criminality and insurgency campaign” kag lakip ang mobilisasyon sg “Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams, tanods and volunteers for intelligence monitoring, crime prevention and control…”  nga nagalakip sa pagtarget sa rebolusyonaryong pwersa.

Base sa inisyal imbestigasyon sg Apolinario Gatmaitan Command, ang mga hubon sg BPAT sa mga banwa sg La Castellana kag Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental kag sa mga banwa sg Pamplona kag Siaton, Negros Oriental kag iban pa nga kabanwahanan,  armado sg mga mataas kag manubo nga kalibre sg armas, ginpahulag sila sg PNP kag Phil. Army para sa combat, intelligence and psywar operations kag gingamit man ang mga masupog nga membro sg BPAT nga mga ex-RPA  bilang kasangkapan sg mga agalon mayduta, Department of Agriculture agud sa pagpanggamo kag pagtunga sa mga mangunguma, pagpamahog sa kag pagpang-agaw sg mga duta sg CARP farmer beneficiaries. Ang pag-armas sg BPAT kag pagpahulag para sa counterinsurgency operations kag mga kontra-pumuluyo nga aktibidad maghimo sg ila kaugalingon bilang lehitmong target sg military and police operations sg NPA.  Agud imentinar ang ila civilian status, dapat untaton na sg AFP kag PNP ang pagpa-armas sa ila kag untaton ang paggamit sa ila sg ano man nga mga aktibidad nga kontra-hublag kag kontra-pumuluyo.

Sa pihak sg kontra-hublag kag kontra-pumuluyo nga rekord sg BPAT, wala sg tuyo ang NPA unit sa Central Negros nga silotan ukon ambusan ang nakasakay nga mga pwersa sg PNP kag BPAT.  Gin-employ sg yunit gerilya ang taktika sg pakana-check point para padulogon ang ila ginsakyan nga Canter truck sg barangay kag ipatigayon ang pag-disarma sa mga polis kag mga armadong naka-fatigue uniform nga katapo sg BPAT.  Ugaling, napilitan ang naka-standby nga pwersa sg NPA sa pagbanat sa salakyan sg nagpabarak ang mga nagsakay nga pwersa sg PNP kag BPAT.

Ginkasubo sg NDF – Negros nga may-ara nadalahig nga mga sibilyan sa natabo nga insidente sg Enero 27 nga enkwentro.  Agud malikawan nga masulit ini ukon maminimisa sa palaabuton, amon ginapahimumdom liwat sa pumuluyo ang bahin sa realidad sg nagasingki nga giyera sibil sa tunga sa mga nagahimulos nga sahi nga dalagkung komprador burges kag agalon mayduta kag sg mga ginahimuslan nga sahi sg pumuluyo. Angot sini likawan kag pamatokan sg mga pumuluyo ang taktika nga gamiton sila sg AFP kag PNP bilang taming batok sa mga atake sg NPA,  paagi sa hungod nga pagpa-upod-sakay sa mga sibilyansa military and police vehicle  ukon government or pribadong sakyanan, pag-okupar kag pagtenir nila sa health clinic centers,  day care centers, mga eskwelahan kag kabalayan sg masa kag pagtukod sg ila military ukon police detachments sa sentro sg populasyon sa mga baryo.

Amon man ginapanawagan sa mga opisyal sg reactionary government units kag sa mga indibidwal nga indi magpagamit sg ila sakyanan para sa pagtransport sg mga tropa sg AFP kag PNP kag ila military equipments.

Ginapakita sg malawig nga kasaysayan sg mga rebolusyonaryong kahublagan sa bilog kalibutan nga indi makalikaw sa pagkomitir sg mga sayop sa proseso sg iya paglunsar sg matarung nga giyera para sa pundamental nga interes sg pumuluyo batok sa mga nagahimulos kag nagapigos nga mga dumuluong nga manogsakop kag mga lokal nga reaksyonaryo.  Indi gina-negar sg CPP-NPA kag iban pa nga alyadong organisasyon sg NDF – Negros nga nakakomitir ini sg mga sayop, malig-on nga nagsaway sa kaugalingon kag determinado sa pagpanadlong, tulad sg ginhimo nga pagpasaway kag pagpanadlong paagi sa Ikaduha nga Dungganon nga Kahublagan Panadlong (IDKP)  sg 1990s batok sa mga malubha nga pagsayop sg 1980s kag sg pag-ako, pagsaway sa kaugalingon kag pagpanadlong sa pila ka nakomitir nga pagsayop sa panahon sg 1990s -2012.  Apang ang indi mabais nga kamatuoran amo nga ang mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa sg CPP-NPA kag NDF nagarepresentar sg abanterong pwersa sg pumuluyo agud isulong ang ila istorikal kag pundamental nga interes paagi sa paglunsar sg maksahi nga rebolusyonaryong paghimakas tubtob sa kadalag-an sg pungsodnon nga kahilwayan kag demokrasya batok sa imperyalismong US, tumandok nga pyudalismo kag burukrata kapitalismo.

Bisan ano man kabaskog ang psywar machinery sg rehimen Aquino kag AFP/PNP agud pahamuton ang ila imahen, imposible nga makakas ang ila sandigan nga kinaiya bilang instrumento sg reaksyon kag sg pasistang terorismo batok sa ginahimuslan nga pumuluyo kag nagaserbi lamang sila para sa interes sg mga dumuluong kapitalista kag pila ka lokal nga dalagkung komprador burgesya kag agalon mayduta. Kag sa atubang sg nagalala nga krisis sa ekonomiya nga ginapas-an sg pumuluyo kag sg nagabaskog nga mga paghimakas sg pumuluyo, itulod ang reaksyonaryong gobyerno kag ang AFP kag PNP sa pagkomitir sg mas nagalubha nga mga kasaypanan, war crimes kag paglapas sa mga kinamatarung sg pumuluyo.  Kag bisan pa sg kasanag sg kamatuoran, ang rehimen US-Aquino kag AFP/PNP sini magpadayon sa pag-insistir sg ila “policy of denial” tulad sa pag-negar nila sa pagpatay kay Benjamin Bayles sg Himamaylan City kag pagmasaker sa Fableo family sg Canlaon City.