NDFP-Rizal indicts three government soldiers for gang-raping a 17 year old girl!

Arman “Ka. Arms” Guerrero
March 8, 2013

The whole revolutionary movement in Rizal Province under NDFP-Rizal formally indict three government soldiers belonging to the “butcher” 16th IB-PA for child abuse and gang-raping a 17 year old girl inside their military camp.

Last year 2012, concerned citizens and well meaning individuals in the province of Rizal approached the revolutionary movement in Rizal and the revolutionary People’s Court to file charges of child abuse and gang rape against three  government soldiers. Upon receiving the case, the people’s court created a panel to investigate the case. The investigators found out the following:

1. The gang rape happened last  October 11, 2011 inside the 16th Infantry Battalion Headquarters in Sitio Galaxy, Pinugay, Baras, Rizal at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon until  7 o’clock in the evening.  The three government soldiers namely  Pfc. Alexander Barsaga, Pfc. Ronnie Castro and PVT. Rocky Domingo invited the victim, *_Erika_* (real name withheld) and her 13 year-old cousin inside the military camp to attend the 16th IB Anniversary. While inside the camp, the soldiers forced the two minor to eat cake and drink juice spiked with drugs that made them unconscious.  While in unconscious state, the three soldiers alternately raped the girl. When the girl woke up past 7 o’clock in the evening, feeling dizzy and her private parts in pain. PFC. Barsaga  offered to lift her on board his motorcycle and accompanied the victim home, pretending that nothing happened to the victim.

2. Upon reaching home, the victim started showing different changing behaviors which was noticed by her relatives. Suspicious that something is wrong with her, she was brought to the DSWD office in Baras, Rizal  where Erika recounted her ordeal. Believing that she could really be a victim of  gang-rape, the DSWD office advice the family to seek a psychiatric help.  Heeding the advice, Erika was brought to the East Avenue Medical Center that gave her medicine to calm her down and sent her back home. Upon reaching home, she started showing signs of mental disorder which prompted the family to bring her to  the National Center For Mental Health in Mandaluyong City where the doctors advised them to have the victim examined by a medico-legal expert in Camp Crame which they heeded. The result of the examination confirmed that there was laceration in her genitalia indicating she was indeed raped.

3. Upon confirming that Erika was raped, her family filed charges of rape and child abuse against the three government soldiers.  Upon learning of the charge against them, the three government soldiers started shadowing the victim and her families and threatening them that something bad will happen to them if they will not withdraw the charges. The family informed the battalion headquarters about the rape but instead of punishing the three government soldier gang-rapist, the battalion commander did nothing but let the three freely roam around the camp and the vicinity of the victims residence. This angered the victims families more that they opted to press the charges which was met by more  harassment and intimidation by the soldier gang-rapists against them.

With this information, the _prima facie_ evidence was established. Thus, the revolutionary movement formally indicts Pfc. Alexander Barsaga, Pfc. Ronnie Castro and PVT. Rocky Domingo  for the abuse and gang-raped of Erika, a 17 year old high school student and resident of Sitio Radar, Pinugay, Baras, Rizal.

Also indicted was the Commanding officer of the 16th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army for aiding and abetting his subordinate soldiers in their crime against the victim and his family under the guise of implementing OPLAN BAYANIHAN.

A warrant of arrest has been issued by the Revolutionary People's Court ordering the New People’s Army units to arrest and bring the three soldier gang-rapists and their commanding officer to the People's Court to face the charges against them. The arresting NPA unit are  cautioned to prepare to defend themselves  when serving the said arrest warrant because the accused are armed and dangerous.

To hasten the arrest and prosecution of the indicted government soldier gang-rapist,  we are calling the people of Rizal to inform the nearest NPA units and People’s Militias for any information on their whereabouts so that justice will be served to the victim.

On the occasion of the celebration of the international women’s day we are calling on all women and child rights advocates to help and protect Erika and other victims of abuse and rape by government soldiers.