ZBC-NPA punishes civilian asset in Baguio District

Ka Sandawa
Zenaida Beron Command (F54), New People's Army-Southern Mindanao
5 March 2013

The Zenaida Beron Command-Guerilla Front 54 Operations Command-New People's Army punished Paulino “Jun” Landim Jr., a barangay police and civilian agent of the 1003rd Division Reconnaissance Company of the 10th Infantry Division of the AFP on March 2, 2013 at Purok 4, Barangay Carmen, Baguio District.

Red fighters also released five other civilian assets who identified themselves as forest guard volunteers of Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation. Landim also claimed similar affiliation when he was arrested along with the group.

Detained last March 1 and released on March 2 were Cesar E. Aggas, 50; Jomer O. Manando, 24; Alvin L. Aggas, 19; Elmer L. Aggas, 17; and Jerbel L. Aggas, 16.

An NPA military tribunal handed down the standing order against Landim last March 29, 2012 on the basis of his participation as a military spy.

Specific incident of his espionage cited in the NPA's judgment included the raid and killing of NPA Red fighter Ka Juvy and wounding of another by the 84th Infantry Battalion and Special Action Force-PNP last February 25, 2011.

The punishment against Landim serves as a warning against the 10th ID for using the Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation as front organization for its intelligence operations.

The NPA confiscated from the civilian assets' possession a Bushnell binocular, Olympus digital camera and Nokia cellphones.

The NPA also score the local reactionary government, through the City Mayor's Office for allowing the use of barangay police for counterrevolutionary operations.

Paulino “Jun” Landim, Jr. was also son of a tribal chieftain directly linked with the rabid Joel Unad who is notorious for the unabated landgrabbing and other atrocities in his CADT areas in Baguio District.

There is no truth in the lies spread by the PNP-Baguio that Landim was brutally killed , his body dragged and paraded before the people.

The NPA strictly abides with the policy concerning the implementation of standing order and tenets of the revolutionary justice system.