Confiscation of firearms, arrest of police officer warning to armed politicians

Daniel Ibarra
ComVal-Davao Gulf Sub Regional Command-NPA
April 29, 2013

Compostela Valley re-electionist Gov. Arturo Uy failed to coordinate and cooperate with the New People's Army and organs of the People's Democratic Government in the strict adherence to the no-firearms policy within the revolutionary territories. Thus, on April 28, 2013 at 3:30 pm, the NPA Guerilla Front 2 platoon arrested in a checkpoint Uy's armed police escort in plainclothes Senior Police Officer 2 Allan Mariquit Pansoy in sitio Malumudaw, Maco town. The NPA Guerilla Front 2 forces also confiscated two baby armalite rifles, four short firearms, and one handheld radio.

The arrest and subsequent detention of Pansoy as prisoner of war and confiscation of firearms should serve as warning to Uy and his party mates that the NPA will target armed candidates to protect the people and defend its territories. Before and after the reactionary elections, combat troops of the AFP, PNP and paramilitary forces are already legitimate military targets and even more so when these combatants enter NPA guerrilla bases and zones. Thus, for candidates to bring these enemies of the people during election time is to jeopardize the safety and security of the peasant masses.

It is deceptive to say that AFP and/or the PNP serve as innocent escorts when they are the fascist private armies of politicians. The AFP and the PNP form part of the coercive structure of the traditional reactionary politics. They intimidate, conduct psychological warfare, and do surveillance against the masses as part of their bootlicking jobs for politicians. Thus, these reactionary forces are not welcome in the countryside, their mere presence serves to intimidate the poor voters and bully the latter to support non-performing politicians.

The NPA takes cognizance of the fact that Uy and his convoy of board members did not defy the NPA checkpoint and cooperated quietly for an hour while the NPA searched their belongings.

Those caught in a similar situation in the remaining days of the reactionary electoral campaign should be assured that the NPA is able to distinguish from among aggressive armed counter-revolutionary GPH politicians, the less rabid, and those who act out of fear of reprisal from the AFP. Civilian functionaries and accompanying enemy personnel are left unharmed when they give no armed resistance in the case of NPA checkpoints and arrest operations.

Elections by the reactionary state are mere intramurals of the different factions of the local ruling classes. Ferocious attack dogs from the AFP and the PNP aid the ruling few who dominate the outcome of elections. Thus, the people's army is left to defend the masses from sheer manipulation, coercion and strong-arm tactics that characterize reactionary elections.

(sgd.)Ka Daniel Ibarra
ComVal-Davao Gulf Sub Regional Command-NPA