Further Broaden and Consolidate the NDFP against the People’s Enemies! Defeat US Imperialism and the US-Aquino Regime!

Patnubay De Guia
NDFP Southern Tagalog Chapter
April 24, 2013

The National Democratic Front-Southern Tagalog Region (NDF-ST) warmly greets all the allied organizations of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and its friends in the struggle in celebrating its 40th founding anniversary. The NDFP exists and continues to grow in the midst of its hard and bitter struggle against the present semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in the country dominated by the US imperialist power and the local ruling class. Led by the proletariat through the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) with the basic alliance of the peasants and workers as its foundation, the NDFP is resolved to win the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective.

The NDFP thrived for 40 long years precisely because it promotes the interests of the majority of the people who are exploited and oppressed – the workers and peasants, as the basic forces, including the urban petty bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie comprising the positive and motive forces, respectively. On the other hand, the landlords and the big compradors serving as the US imperialist’s agents are the local ruling classes exploiting the forces of the revolution. The big landlords interest is to maintain by force feudal monopoly of vast landholding, exploit and oppress the peasant masses and violently suppress the latter’s demand for land to the tillers. The big compradors desires for super profits at the expense of the workers and laboring masses. Their interests are irreconcilable with the oppressed classes making them the people’s enemies, the target of the revolution.

The armed struggle is the only correct path in resolving the worsening plight of the people. No amount of reforms shall change the nation. As the 2013 elections draws near, politicians who are masters at deceiving the people are ubiquitous – posturing as allies and friends of the oppressed classes and championing their plight with puerile rhetoric. Candidates entice the people by claiming they are for higher wages and creation of new jobs, implementation of land reforms and accessible social services. But these are left best forgotten; their motives are easily unmasked the moment they are instated in power.

The demands of the workers for livable wages and the peasants for a genuine land reform have never ceased. As long as there is no genuine land reform and national industrialization, economic development for the people is impossible. The pro-imperialist economic policies implemented by the US-Aquino regime will only condemn to perpetual misery the already-downtrodden condition of the Filipino people. The brand of development being bragged by the regime will only feed the insatiable greed for profits by big foreign business interests and their local cohorts.

The Filipino people have a long revolutionary tradition of resisting against foreign and domestic oppression. As the US imperialist is presently hell-bent in consolidating and strengthening its power and fulfilling its hegemonic ambition throughout the East Asian Region. As it continues to instigate conflicts between nations such as the standoff between the Philippines and China regarding the territories belonging to the Philippines such as the Kalayaan island group and Panatag Shoal, the people are left with no alternative but to persist in unity to fight for national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The people must even unite further against the US-Aquino regime’s accountability regarding the hundreds of lives lost and tortured in Sabah and its deliberate stance in abandoning the country’s legitimate claim over the region.

The people must also defy state fascism through its counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan. The state continues to wreck havoc against civilians in the countryside pretending to be earnest in pursuing the peace negotiations. But on the contrary the present Aquino regime, like its predecessors, regards the peace talks as a way for the revolutionary movement to capitulate. But in order for the negotiations to advance it must honor previous agreements under the The Hague Declaration and the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) as well as honor its commitment to release political prisoners languishing in state prisons. It has always been NDFP’s aspiration to attain a just and lasting peace. But as the US-Aquino regime continues to unleash all-out war against the people instead of truly addressing the roots of the armed conflict, pursuing peace negotiations with a party that doesn’t honor its words are futile.

To win the national democratic revolution is a great task. The National Democratic Front must continue to broaden and strengthen its alliance. The New People’s Army must continue to launch offensives against the enemy and accumulate more arms to suffice the growing membership of the people’s army. Millions upon millions of the masses should be organized and mobilized for the war efforts. Members of the underground movement in the cities should be deployed in increasing numbers to the countryside to serve the people’s army. More than ever, the Filipino people must relentlessly go on in completing the unfinished national democratic revolution and immediately pursue the socialist revolution.

Long Live the National Democratic Revolution!
Long Live the Filipino People!