NPA checkpoints aimed at candidates campaigning in guerilla zones, an implementation of revolutionary policy in the conduct of elections

Allan Juanito
NPA - North-Central Mindanao Regional Command
April 16,2013

Politicians vying for power this coming reactionary elections are now in the homes stretch of their electoral campaign. The Filipino people could never expect genuine social change in this election, as was the case for all previous ones. This is a battle among the ruling classes for positions in the puppet government—positions which only serve to perpetuate oppression and exploitation of the people.

In advancing the national democratic revolution, we gradually establish a genuine people’s government in the countryside. Here, we gradually implement genuine land reform which empowers the peasants who constitute the majority of our country’s population.

While we are crystal clear on the futility of bourgeois elections in solving the basic problems of our country, this is an opportunity for the people to voice out their issues, advance mass movements promoting their interests and welfare, increase the membership of and strengthen their organizations and secure the support of political candidates. Thus, we open our guerilla zones to candidates and partylists who recognize the Red political power and respect the revolutionary policies to present their platforms and programs.

To ensure the peaceful conduct of the electoral campaign in the guerilla fronts, candidates must coordinate closely with the concerned territorial command of each area and observe the revolutionary policies, especially the following:

1.Prohibiting the traditional politicians’ vote-buying, fraud and terrorism

2.Prohibiting the use of firearms and armed escorts

3.Strict prohibition of the use of the electoral campaign as a front for intelligence operations aimed at spying on the activities of the NPA and revolutionary mass organizations

4.Ensuring that poor voters will not be intimidated or pressured by politicians

The putting up of checkpoints by the different units of the New People’s Army under the North Central Mindanao Regional Command in the areas of their operation is in accordance with these policies. We beg for the understanding and consideration of the affected passersby for the minor inconvenience.

These checkpoints also serve to ensure that despotic, anti-people and counterrevolutionary candidates and partylists will not be able to campaign freely within the guerilla zones. These include:

1.promoters of the expansion of plantations, large-scale mining operations and megadams, among other environmentally-destructive projects and programs;


3.usurers and loan sharks charging exhorbitant interest rates;

4.those who pay measly wages to workers and agricultural workers;

5.buyers who impose low prices for farm produce;

6.illegal drug traders;

7.cuddlers of criminal bandits;

8.those who work closely with the military in counterrevolutionary witchhunting;