NPA punitive actions vs Mabini Police, 71st IB, a revolutionary justice for children victims

Ka Daniel Ibarra
ComVal-Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
26 April 2013

To enforce revolutionary justice for the brutal killing of eight-year old Roque Antivo, the New People's Army (NPA) launched a series of punitive actions against the 71st Infantry Battalion-10th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and the Mabini Police Station.

As the fascist soldiers denied culpability in its appalling attack versus Antivo and two other children, the police planted false evidence at the crime scene to cover up the military's atrocious act.

Red fighters took as Prisoner of War(POW) 71st IB member Pfc Jesus Tomas Jr. (Serial No: 879223), 23 at 6AM, April 24, 2013 in Barangay Elizalde, Maco town, Compostela Valley. He was part of three-man supply team when accosted by the NPA.

POW Tomas is currently undergoing investigation for his involvement in counterrevolutionary and anti-people activities.

At around the same time, the NPA's Sub-Regional Command Guerilla Unit also ambushed the 71st IB's Charlie Company with command-detonated explosive, hitting a number of casualties.

Earlier, on April 23, at 7 AM, a team from the NPA Guerilla Front 2 hit the Mabini Police Station with a grenade launcher. On duty policemen took cover against the Red fighters who were aboard a motorcycle.

The 10th ID-Eastern Mindanao Command and the Philippine National Police are bent in obliterating proof of the 71st IB's atrocities. The police declared that other shells were found at the scene where the boys were hit in Sitio Kidaraan, Mabini, to push the lie that the Army was in an encounter with the NPA.

Together with the ComVal Police, it coerced the victim's family to accede to an autopsy -- a move to bolster the scripted alibi of the 71st IB.

The reactionary local government of ComVal has become an accomplice, if not guilty of omission, for not lifting a finger on the atrocities of the 71st IB against the civilian communities. While moves were pushed to investigate the families of the military's victims, there was no concrete move to ultimately hold the fascist soldiers accountable.

The People's Army will continue to inflict blows versus the enemy especially in its weakest points, detain POWs, fortify people's defense against the onslaught of the rabid Oplan Bayanihan and expose the rotten US-Aquino regime. Abusive police and military men and officers are legitimate targets, and undesirable elements in the communities are subject to the NPA and regulations of the People's Democratic Government.