Reply to Malacañang’s “Make our day!”: The revolutionary movement shall never surrender the People’s Democratic Revolution!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
28 April 2013

Reacting to the NPA’s recent successive tactical offensives in Northern Mindanao, Malacañang fired off a string of remarks that ranged from “Make our day!” to “Are you challenging us?” to “Crush all NPA checkpoints!”. Benigno Aquino III even exclaimed “Managot ang dapat managot!” during his recent stint in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City.

With these remarks, Malacañang ordered to redeploy an entire Marine battalion from Luzon to Northern Mindanao (3 Marine coys in Gingoog City and 2 in Butuan City), which was carried out immediately following the regrettable incident that wounded Gingoog City Mayor Ruth Guingona and killed two of her aides.

Obviously, Malacañang is rankled because it was caught flat-footed against the simultaneous February 19 punitive actions followed by another round of simultaneous punitive actions on April 15 in North Central Mindanao against the environmentally-destructive agri-business giants Del Monte and DoleFil. It was further irked by the simultaneous series of NPA checkpoints across Northern Mindanao, implementing revolutionary policies on the conduct of bourgeois elections.

Badly beaten, Malacañang vented its ire against its field commanders, booting out Col. James Jacob of the 403rd Bde and S/Supt. Jumalon of the Manolo Fortich PNP following the Del Monte raid, and M/Gen. Nestor Anonuevo of the 4ID and his two battalion commanders, Lt. Col. George Banzon of the 58th IB and Lt. Col. Jose Ma. Cuerpo of the 8th IB, following the NPA checkpoints and the Guingona incident. Anonuevo was replaced by the notorious B/Gen. Ricardo Visaya, a close cohort of the butcher M/Gen. Jovito Palparan. Malacañang even went as far as calling for the “surrender of all NPAs,” and insidiously used the Guingona incident as a scapegoat to totally terminate the peace talks.

In truth, the US-Aquino regime is running desperate to complete with “flying colors” the third year of its bloody military campaign Oplan Bayanihan (OPB), which boasted a year ago to render the revolutionary movement irrelevant by 2013. But, with the upsurge of NPA tactical offensives and the over-all advance of the revolutionary movement in Mindanao, Malacañang has fallen flat on its face with the OPB’s utter failure.

This recent upsurge in NPA actions has in fact inflicted further damage to foreign monopoly capitalist interests in Northern Mindanao, raising the alarm on Malacañang’s imperialist masters. Benigno Aquino III is now up-to-his-neck making frantic excuses to his imperialist bosses as to why the NPA continues to deliver blows against multinationals. Apparently, he cannot do anything otherwise but get irked.

In its desperation, the US-Aquino regime has schemingly capitalized on these recent NPA military actions and the unfortunate Guingona incident to expose its fascist fangs dubbed as the “new approach” to the armed conflict in Mindanao and the entire country, which only reeks of stale, rehashed militarist approaches. Malacañang exploits these events to lend credence to its malicious intent to completely abandon the GPH-NDFP peace talks. The Aquino government intends no less than to address the on-going civil war in the country by escalating barefaced fascism, and place the entire populace under the mercy of its armed force.

Malacañang stressed that “there is only one government and only one armed force to conduct checkpoints. ” In the first place, it is not for the reactionary government to acknowledge the existence of our revolutionary government, and we do not seek and will never beg them to do so. Essentially, it is the expanse of the revolutionary broad masses and the growing strength of the New People’s Army that determine the existence of Red political power. Unarguably, the People’s Revolutionary Government across Mindanao presently operates from barrio to municipal levels in the countryside, covering 250 municipalities and more than 2000 barangays in the island. The checkpoints put up by the NPA are only one of the governmental functions of the revolutionary movement’s political authority; these can arise anywhere and everywhere anytime, and during enemy attack, will shift to other more strategic locations.

When Benigno Aquino III retorted “don’t challenge us,” perhaps he has become oblivious to the fact that the revolutionary movement has been challenging the reactionary GPH in the last 44 years. Previous reactionary regimes since Marcos up to Arroyo have vowed to crush the revolutionary movement but, in the end, have only sorely failed.

While we truly regret the incident that met Mayor Guingona and her convoy, we cannot be more categorical when we say that the NPA cannot and shall not surrender the people’s aspirations and their revolutionary gains since its inception 44 years ago, a revolution invested in their blood, revolutionary daring, and sacrifices.

Make your day? Well, Malacañang will have to think bigger and look far ahead for the People’s Democratic Revolution shall grow stronger in the years to come, and shall eventually triumph. Like his predecessors, Benigno Aquino III will surely be outlived by the revolution.