NPA attacks foreign firm, paramilitary security in Agusan

Allan Juanito
NPA-North Central Mindanao Region
June 20, 2013

Units from the New People’s Army ubos sa Western Agusan Norte-Agusan Sur Sub-regional Command successively attacked a camp of Shannalyn Tree Plantation in Km. 6 and a Wild Dogs guard post in Sitio Kamarangan, Hawilian, Esperanza, Agusan del Sur at around ten o’clock in the morning of June 18, 2013.

Five members of the brutal Wild Dogs were killed in the firefight, namely: Felipe "Ihag" Hadraque, Crispolo "Mankurente" Linunsag, Remy Polinta, Anghel "Boklet" Cozan and Jun "Junior" Tria.  Seized from the attacks were six arms composed of an Ingram, a .45 caliber pistol, two .357 caliber revolver, ug and two shotguns.  Five of Shannalyne-owned bulldozer and four payloaders were paralyzed.

This conter-revolutionary paramilitary force, the Wild Dogs, was founded by the Manpatilans whose family members succeeded one after another as becoming mayor of Esperanza town and was long hated by the people from far-flung communities ug barrios of Esperanza, Agusan del Sur and from Las Nieves, Buenavista ug Nasipit sa Agusan Norte up to even their adjacent barrios from Gingoog City.  This group violently harasses their own Higaonon tribesmen ug non-Lumads residing here in order to pave the way for entry of projects and investments of the ruling class and to silence the clamor of the affected communities due to the grabbing of their ancestral lands, due to exploitation and oppression and the damage to the environment.  Felipe "Ihag" Hadraque was responsible to the murder of Higaonon leader, Datu Manpaagi Belayong, on September 2009, of Arpe "Datu Lapugotan" Belayong and Solte San-ugan’s death and of the wounds suffered by Michelle and Adeb Belayong last May 2010. The Wild Dogs was also responsible of the destruction of several Lumad communities and the forced evacuation of Lumads from their homes.

Shannalyne Group--a group financed by Finland and New Zealand consists of five companies: Caraga Forest, Goldenbell, Tansland, Tecland, ug Shannalyne--whose area covers 188,802 hectares scanning the forested part of Esperanza, San Luis, Talacogon, La Paz and Loreto in Agusan del Sur. These companies surely would disenfranchise the Higaonon, Banwaon, Talaandig and Manobo peoples. Being issued with Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from DENR last year, the group continually develops that space which encamps at Km. 6 in Brgy. Hawilian.  Wild Dogs actively guard their machineries. In spite of US-Aquino regime’s og total log ban declaration, timber is felled day-in and day-out by the company and they don’t matter if the forest is scalped or a calamity is deemed to arrive.

Contrary to initial reports, we clarify to the public that they are with the Wild Dogs, a legitimate military target for their counter-revolutionary acts and witchhunt in aid to the reactionary AFP-CAFGU notwithstanding their stand on the ancestral lands taken by the ruling class.

Therefore, on this recent NPA attack, it is proper that juctice was served to those severed by Wild Dogs when the reactionary government was unheeding. This is also a strong message to Shannalyne and similar companies that they may halt wholesale grabbing of Lumad lands, exploting and oppressing the poor and destroying the environment.

This statement also expresses warning to other paramilitary groups such as Bungkatol Liberation Front (BULIF), Task Force Gantangan, Gintong Araw, Mapantag, ‘RKL’ and New Indigenous Peoples’ Army for Reform (NIPAR) to halt their service to the ruling class and their attacks and maltreatment on the peaceful living of the Lumads and peasants in the countryside.