AFP atrocities all time high in Paquibato

Tano Paragas
Davao City-Bukidnon Sub-regional Command
New People's Army Southern Mindanao
July 16, 2013

The AFP is again covering its tracks by rattling off outrageous figures and perpetuating endless lies.  It recently claimed of high atrocities committed by the New People's Army in  the region when truth is, it is the 10th ID--its combat  troops,  spies and paramilitary forces--that are committing grave human rights abuses against hapless civilians in the peasant villages.

In fact, the AFP has defied calls by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to stop offensive  operations  in Paquibato district because of the ongoing negotiations for five NPA Prisoners of War in that area. Taking a rabid no-negotiation policy, the military has filled the civilian structures and village centers of AFP troops who are masquerading as peace and development teams in almost all parts of Paquibato district.

And yet, the AFP, specifically, Major Jake Obligado is all for boasting falsehoods and glossing over human rights atrocities. Obligado claims that the US-Aquino regime's Internal Peace  and Security Program (IPSP)-Bayanihan is merely an information dissemination drive for residents, and not  really a vile psychological warfare operation meant to intimidate the peasants and indigenous peoples and prevent them from going to their farms.

The military operations are tied to big mining interests in Paquibato; soldiers disguised as non-combatants are goons to large-scale mining capitalists and big business.

Thus, it is not surprising that hunger is stalking peasants of Paquibato district and elsewhere in Calinan, Marilog and Baguio districts in Davao City. This as the military heightens its operations, taking cover as rescue operations for the 5 POWs,scouring villages and threatening  civilians,including families of Red fighters and officers.

The safety of the five POWs are not only imperiled with the military's intensified combat and intelligence surveillance activities. The lives of peasant villagers are, likewise, at stake.

Thus, when the military announces unsubstantiated, empty claims about supposed NPA atrocities in the region, it attempts but fails miserably to erase the legitimacy of NPA attacks. The Red fighters have stepped up its campaign against big landlords, capitalists, fascist troops, and civilian functionaries who have abused the rights and welfare of the masses. These exploiters rightly deserved to receive the harshest blows from the people's army.