Binay pushing for chacha to get US support for 2016--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 30, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today assailed Jejomar Binay, vice president of the Republic of the Philippines, for pushing for pro-liberalization amendments to the 1987 reactionary constitution to make it more accomodating to foreign capitalist interests by removing provisions prohibiting foreign ownership of land and majority control of local businesses.

The CPP said "Binay's endorsement of charter change or chacha is clearly an attempt to secure US imperialist support for his 2016 candidacy as next chieftain of the Philippine puppet state".

The CPP pointed out that the US government has long been pushing the Philippines to amend the 1987 constitution to make it serve more fully the so-called "free-trade" agreements led by the US. In 2011, then US Ambassador Harry Thomas himself made a categorical endorsement for charter change calling for amendments to remove restrictions against foreign ownership of land and business operations in the Philippines.

The CPP countered Binay's position that removing restrictions and regulations in the 1987 constitution against foreign ownership of land and business firms in the Philippines will "further speed up economic growth."

"For over three decades, successive Philippine governments have carried out one liberalization scheme after another to give foreign investments greater leeway and freedom to invest in the Philippines, own or control land, extract minerals and plunder local natural resources, dominate in banking and financial markets, invest in small retail and dump surplus agricultural produce to the detriment of the local economy," said the CPP.

"Binay is lying to the Filipino people when he claims that neoliberal charter change (chacha) will bring about economic growth to the Filipino people," said the CPP.

"What has three decades of liberalization policies brought to the Filipino people other than massive unemployment, spiralling costs of living, plunging income levels, widespread poverty, lack of local economic opportunities, severalfold rise in the number of exported Filipinos, displacement of hundreds of thousands of peasants from their lands, increasing concentration of land, environmental destruction, spread of disease and epidemics and overall decline in standards of living," said the CPP.

"Subjecting the 1987 constitution to neoliberal amendments will speed up not economic growth, but the deterioration of the Philippine economy, the destruction of local productive forces and concentration of wealth in the hands of a few foreign monopolists and their local business partners," pointed out the CPP.

"The CPP calls on the Filipino people to vigorously oppose the Aquino regime's push for charter change and resist the all-out puppetry of Benigno Aquino to the US imperialist government."

"In opposing the neoliberal chacha, the Filipino people demand not the preservation of the 1987 constitution but a complete departure from the semi-colonial and semifeudal system perpetuated since the 1946 by asserting national independence and genuine democracy in the economic field as well as in the the fields of governance, cultural, social and foreign policy," said the CPP.