Italian resistance organization joins condemnation of Juban massacre

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 08, 2013

An Italian resistance organization expressed condemnation of the brutal murder carried out by the fascist soldiers of the AFP against NPA Red fighters last July 4.

In a message dated July 6, The Party of the Committees to Support of Resistance - for Communism, which is based in Florence, Italy, expressed support for the appeal for an independent investigation into the Juban massacre be carried out by human rights groups and international agencies.

The message of the P-CARC of Italy read as follows:

The Party of the Committees to Support of Resistance - for Communism declares its strong solidarity to the Communist Party of the Philippines for the savage murder of the Red Fighters Ka Greg, Ka Nel and Ka Gary by the troops of the armed forces of the Philippines. We share CPP demand that the troops and officers involved in the massacre be made to answer for     violations of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and pertinent protocols of the Geneva Conventions. We share CPP appeal to human rights groups, church groups, independent lawyers' groups and pertinent agencies of the United Nations to undertake their own investigation into this massacre.

This fascist massacre shows to the Filipino people and to the popular masses worldwide that the regimes subjugated to the imperialist powers, so as the Filipino regime is, are no able to give any solution to the needs and the aspiration of the popular masses of the country they pretend to rule but misery, fascism and war. So the imperialist bourgeoisie is trying to do in the imperialist countries and in Italy, too,  denying to the popular masses the right to work and to live, trying to impose us step by step and more and more quickly to go back to the reactionary regimes we endure in the past century. Also in the imperialist countries the war the imperialist bourgeoise is waging against the popular masses is becoming more and more open. The general crisis on one side is worsening every day the conditions of the popular masses, on the other is driving the working class and the new communist movement to advance in building the revolution.

The Italian communist movement needs and wants to fulfill its duty, that is to build the revolution and to make Italy a new socialist country. This is the first and best way to support the revolution in the Philippines and everywhere. This is what we are doing, and we trust our work shall be successful, as we are experiencing applying Maoism, the most advanced stage of Communist thinking.

A new world is rising, comrades, and the popular masses and the communist movement worldwide are building it. The fighters killed by the enemy are living in the work we are carrying out.

Long live the martyrs!
Long live the struggle of the Communist Party of the Philippines!
Solidarity to the Filipino popular masses in the Philippines, in Italy and all over the world!
Long live Maoism!
Long live the International Communist Movement!

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International Department

Florence, Italy, 6th June 2013