Message to Syriza on its historic First Congress

Luis G. Jalandoni
NDFP Chief International Representative
NDFP National Executive Committee
July 10, 2013

We, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), extend our most cordial greetings and congratulations to President Alexis Tsipras and to the entire membership of Syriza on the occasion of your historic First Congress. We wish you the utmost success in the deliberations and decision-making of the congress that would chart the future course of the coalition.

We have been closely following the events in Greece since the socio-economic and political crisis broke out. We have seen how Syriza has taken the correct line in leading the Greek people in fighting against the destructive policies of the Troika and the previous and current governments.

You have succeeded in uniting many of the progressive forces on the Left, and together with them the majority of the workers and other toiling masses who have seen their lives being ruined by the capitalist crisis and further aggravated by the austerity measures dictated upon by the Troika on the pliant Greek government.

Your leading role in the action of the masses in the streets has been rewarded with victories in the parliamentary elections that have made you the second largest party in the Greek parliament and the main opposition party.

The current long drawn-out global crisis that has yet no end in sight has exposed capitalism more than ever before as a moribund system that is rotten to the core. It is incessantly wracked by crisis because of its inherent contradictions that can only be solved by replacing it with the only alternative: socialism.

It is becoming clearer every day to the Greek working people and to the working people the world over that capitalism is nothing but a system that thrives on exploitation and inequality. It cannot provide a life of dignity for the vast majority of humankind.

The people are eagerly seeking for an alternative to capitalism. It is both an urgent obligation and challenge for Left parties to actively propagate the socialist alternative among the people and rally the millions of working people under the socialist banner.

Once again we congratulate you for your past achievements and wish you more and bigger victories in the years ahead.

Long live Syriza!Long live the Greek working people!Advance the struggle for democracy and socialism!Long live international solidarity!