On the celebration of the Filipino-American Friendship day: No genuine freedom under Aquino’s puppetry to US imperialism -- Kabataang Makabayan

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Kabataang Makabayan (Kabataang Makabayan)
July 4, 2013

Today, the US-Aquino regime will be celebrating the “friendship” between the US-PH after Filipinos were granted bogus independence in a show of democracy by then US President Harry S. Truman in July 4, 1946.

This was after the independence and the establishment of the Philippine republic under the Presidency of Emilio Aguinaldo was cut short after he sold the country to American take over through the Treaty of Paris signed in December 30, 1898. The Filipino-American war broke out in February 4,1899 after a Filipino soldier was gunned down by American forces even before the treaty was ratified by the US Senate. This rendered the Philippine republic futile as it succumbed to another 48 years of direct colonization of the Americans, and the years after that, even after the Americans left and indirectly colonized the Philippines.

Thus, the Filipino people have never been free.  Instead, an illusion of freedom protected by Western democracy; for as long as such prevails, the Filipino people can never be free.

*Aquino: a friendly puppet to US Imperialism, enemy of the Filipino people*

The Americans left, not because of sheer benevolence or by embracing the very essence of humanity, they were compelled to leave because the toiling masses have sought the path of the revolution and intensely wage armed resistance. Precisely, the Americans cannot prevail in the manner they were accustomed to. When they left however, they left behind the economic and political structures that continued their mandate and influence over the Philippines, even if they were halfway across the globe.

This mandate is futile without puppetry. Puppetry which today is best exemplified by none other than NoyNoy Aquino, who by far, has proved to be the proudest and most loyal puppet of the US government, always in a kowtow to US imperatives.

In his past three years, Aquino has bowed down to the economic demands of foreign monopoly capitalists, intensifying trade and financial liberalization that legitimized the massive influx of foreign capital for investments under his flagship program Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other anti-people program enshrined in his economic blueprint Philippine Development Plan (PDP). Together with his cohorts both in the Congress and Senate, he will actively push for Charter Change that will legitimize foreign ownership and private control of supposed state-funded services such as education, health,etc.

He is salivating for further foreign capital and has appealed to host APEC and World Economic Forum in the coming years, alongside the promise of further liberalization, deregulation, privatization and denationalization of the Philippine economy. With the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) in Indonesia in September, he is sounding off Philippines’ inclusion to this inclusive trading community.

After the triumph of the mass movement in the campaign for the removal of US bases in 1992, Aquino has paved the way for its re-establishment in Clark, Palawan; likewise protecting permanently stationed 600 US troops in Camp Navarro in Zamboanga. He actively pursues joint military exercises, not only with US, but with other treaty allies such as Australian forces who joined the Balikatan Exercises this April. He recently signed a military agreement with the Japanese forces and South Korean military forces—all these to facilitate the realization of the US pivot to Asia.

Under the mandate of US Counterinsurgency Guide (US CoinGuide), Oplan Bayanihan (OBL) promises to pacify reaction and the revolution by pursuing relentless human rights violations in the guise of peace and development. Aquino is abusing public fund to finance bogus dole-out programs such as the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and PAMANA, targeting areas with established progressive movements  to eliminate them. Likewise, he is hell bent on passing the Cybercrime law to legitimize state surveillance and intensify psychological warfare in the urban,while intensifying armed confrontation in the countryside.

*Youth at the Forefront of the struggle for Genuine Freedom*

US has never been a friend of the toiling Filipino youth and masses. The Filipino people remain steadfast in its politics of genuine social change marked by engagements both in street parliament, and moreover, through armed resistance. The youth continues to flock the countryside to join the New People’s Army to propagate to widening mass base regarding the National Democratic Program, helps build mass organizations and genuine Democratic Government in the countryside.

The students and youth, despite the forced assimilation into neoliberal dogma, persist in the study of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong thought and render their knowledge to the advancement and victory of the Philippine revolution. On a daily basis, and in every minute possible, they use the MLM standpoint, viewpoint and method in the exposition and opposition of the US-Aquino regime, and to isolate this hated anti-people US-Aquino regime.

Kabataang Makabayan never ceases to expand because its membership is always ready in rallying the youth and students under the National Democratic program with a socialist perspective. In its persistent effort to advance the revolutionary movement, KM vows to expand in all areas to reach the concentration of youth and students, forging an unyielding force of youth peasants, workers, young educators, and young professionals.

For Kabataang Makabayan, genuine freedom can only be achieved through the abolition of Imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, feudalism and the elimination of all structures that facilitate the system of oppression and fascism. The youth and the Filipino people, find hope in the revolutionary cause, the only guaranteed path  towards genuine freedom.

In the name of no less than 1.5M Filipinos victimized throughout the Fil-Am war and US pacification campaign, numerous faceless and nameless heroes who engage in the daily struggle against oppression and fascism, in the name of revolutionary martyrs who have vowed to unconditionally serve the people; Kabataang Makabayan pledges its resolute commitment to smash  imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, feudalism; towards the realization of genuine freedom and democratic aspirations of the oppressed toiling masses, and until “freedom,”its concept and ideas become a reality because all peoples of the world are inherently free. ###