State Police on SONA: a shameful exhibit of paranoia, overkill—Kabataang Makabayan

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Kabataang Makabayan
July 23, 2013

Kabataang Makabayan condemns Aquino’s state repression and fascism unleashed against progressive groups who rallied yesterday to protest his fourth State of the Nation Address.

“Aquino intended to harm the protesters. He would never allow the calls and chants of his critics to drown the accolades of his patrons in the House of Representatives. For this purpose, for the first time in years, a concertina of barbed wires has been put up along Commonwealth Avenue and an overwhelming number of police have been deployed to restrain the protest. This police and state force overkill can only mean paranoia,” said Ma. Laya Guerrero, spokesperson of Kabataang Makabayan.  

 “If there’s anything that Aquino earned from his lineage, it is excessive use of force and police brutality, something he emulated from his mother’s Mendiola Massacre and the relentless military operations to protect Hacienda Luisita,” added Guerrero.
Show of Democracy

The people’s collective right to organize, assembly and protest should be inherent in a nation that claims to be democratic. But for the longest time, this is subjected to the prerogative of the state. Truly, we have a democracy that requires “permit to rallies” that are denied by the local and national government.

“Yesterday’s acts of state brutality are very reminiscent of fascism during the Martial Law days. We saw young activists being carried away by no less than two policemen into captivity; one was even grabbed by the neck, choking, while blood was oozing down his face. If this was not enough, youth groups who held a program at a Quezon City police station to demand the immediate release of those captured and detained by the police, were likewise, violently dispersed, ” said Guerrero.

Adding insult to injury, state-biased mainstream media reduced yesterday’s protests to a mere street fight. The people who joined the SONA came from organizations from different sectors who collectively call for genuine democracy and national sovereignty. But their issues have been overshadowed by the motivation to sell violence and to downgrade the relevance of legitimate issues brought to the fore  by peoples movement.

Resolutely Oppose US-Aquino Regime

For the national democratic movement, police force and state violence only means that the state is threatened by a more potent force, which is the people’s movement.

“The toiling masses amounting to millions are resolved to denounce his betrayal and peddled illusion of development; the revolutionary youth is resolute to isolate him from the Filipino people. We, Kabataang Makabayan, vow to stand our ground at the frontlines of the national democratic struggle, alongside the workers and peasants—ever-persistent in strengthening the mass movement and moreover, intensifying the armed agrarian revolution in the countryside,” ended Guerrero. ###