Towards New Revolution

Chairman Comrade Kiran of Communist Party of Nepal - Maoist
People's Voice, A Monthly Bulletin of the International Department, CPN-Maoist
May 2013

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International Department of Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist has decided to bring out regular informative online service, which can fulfill the demand of our friends in abroad who like to get information about ongoing revolutionary movement in Nepal. Out friends in abroad were facing with a situation of making opinion about the political movement of Nepal fully based on bourgeois media, which is deliberately against the revolutionary movement. We believe that this problem will be overcome by now.

Right at this moment Nepalese society is heading towards a sharp polarization. Serious political crisis had started after the dissolution of Constituent Assembly after four years of its election without making New Constitution. Both objectives of the “peace process”, the Integration of PLA and Royal Nepal Army and Making New Constitution were completely shattered which gave rise to the insurmountable political crisis. This crisis has been further aggravated after the retrogressive event of 14 March 2013, in which the President announced a 25 point Declaration by annulling 20 clauses of present Interim Constitution and appointed a “Nonparty-election government”, at the recommendation of “mechanism of supreme leaders of four major parties” which is completely unconstitutional. The proposed election was shattered due to the boycott movement of political forces led by C P N –Maoist. Though the “election of Second Constituent Assembly” has not yet been formally declared by the government, it has again started to collect the names of voters for new election, which is being disrupted by revolutionary forces.

In a new development wide protest has been started when the “election government” appointed a man who was declared responsible for the suppression of Historic Mass Movement and convicted in corruption cases, at the post “Commission for Abuse of Authority”, which mainly looks after the cases of corruption. It has further helped polarize the people of Nepal in two different camps: Patriotic, Republican, Leftist forces in one side and Nation betrayers, anti-people and reactionary forces on the other. It is CPN-Maoist, which is leading the Patriotic and Democratic movement.

The issue of “election” has become such an issue which distinguishes entirely two different camps. The renegades, puppet of foreign forces, anti-people forces are hell bent to hold the “election”. Majority of the political groups are against it. It is clear that the so called “election” has not been planned to deliver a new constitution, but to get rid of and get approval for the betrayal of nation, anti-people acts, and corruption scandals. So the drama of “election” deserves to be boycotted. Only a popular Mass Movement can resolve the confronting crisis. Revolutionary forces are trying to transform this political crisis into a people’s revolution.###