Vigorously oppose granting the US military greater access to Philippine facilities

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 04, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to firmly oppose the plans of the Aquino regime to grant the US military increased access to Philippine military and civilian facilities which will result in heightened violation of Philippine territorial rights and the further abasement of Philippine sovereignty.

"Aquino's plan to grant the US military greater access to Philippine airports, docks and military bases serve the US plan to further heighten its military presence in the Asia-Pacific, encircle China, project power and establish its hegemony in the South China Sea and other trade routes in the regions," pointed out the CPP.

"The plan to give the US more military access does not serve the national interest of the Filipino people," added the CPP. "On the contrary, it is against the interests of the Filipino people as it serves to heighten the military and diplomatic tension in the area by letting the US increase its military presence, make provocations against China and threaten to drag the Philippines to a war that we do not want."

The CPP denounced the Aquino regime for "promoting the illusion of a military alliance between the Philippines and the US government to justify its all-out slavishness to the US military and allowing US troops and their allied foreign militaries to trample on Philippine soil and make use of our land to advance the US imperialists' ultra-nationalist aim of establishing its hegemony in the Asia-Pacific."

"The so-called military alliance between the Philippines and the US is a big myth," said the CPP. "There can be no such alliance between a dominant country and a dominated and dependent neocolony. The 'military alliance' is nothing but a euphemism for the overbearing dominance of the US military forces and the subservience of the puppet Aquino government that is all too willing to serve the needs of the foreign military forces."

"Over the past three years, or since the start of the Aquino regime, the US military has enjoyed increasing access to Philippine facilities, both civilian and military. The number and frequency of visits of US naval warships, submarines and other components of the US naval fleet in Subic, Manila and other Philippine ports are unprecedented since the abrogation of the US Military Bases Agreement in 1991."

"It is highly ironic that the Aquino regime is pushing for increasing US military presence in the Philippines at the very moment that the Filipino people are preparing to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of the patriotic hero Andres Bonifacio," pointed out the CPP.

"In pushing to grant the US military more access, Benigno Aquino III is doing what his mother, Corazon Aquino, failed to do as president in 1991 when she pushed for the extension of the Military Bases Agreement that was set to expire in 1991," said the CPP. "In the face of massive demonstrations against the US military bases, the Corazon Aquino regime failed to get the senate to ratify and extend the military bases agreement which had given the US complete control over nearly a hundred thousand hectares of land in Clark, Subic and other places."

"The current Aquino regime is more deceitful, clearly, as it practically gives the US military forces basing rights such as the privilege of docking or landing at will in such facilities that they have been granted access to, even without having an agreement to govern such arrangements," pointed out the CPP.