Aquino abolished PDAF, but strengthened "pork barrel" system of political patronage--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 24, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced Benigno Aquino III for "attempting to mislead and placate the Filipino people by announcing yesterday the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) but further institutionalizing and in fact strengthening the pork barrel system of political patronage."

"Aquino's announcement abolishing the PDAF was clearly an attempt to preempt the scheduled Luneta demonstration on August 26," said the CPP. "He is feigning support for the people's clamor to end the pork barrel system. In fact, Aquino is defending it by claiming that it can be reformed."

"Aquino, however, has not only failed to diffuse the seething anger of the people over the pork barrel system, he has further incensed the people by attempting to fool them by defending and refining the old rotten pork barrel system."

The revolutionary forces led by the CPP expressed support for the toiling masses of workers, peasants, urban poor, students and their schools, artists and cultural workers, religious groups, concerned netizens, lawyers groups and other democratic and progressive sectors who are planning to join the Luneta demonstrations on Monday.

"Aquino's PDAF abolition publicity-grab is obviously an attempt to draw away the people's attention from two important matters that hit straight at the Aquino regime's claims of 'good governance': first, is Aquino's own discretionary funds that budget and accounting experts estimate to reach P1.3 trillion; and second, is the recent corruption scandal that involve Aquino's sister Ballsy accused of bribing as much as $30 million from Czech company Inekon with promises of bagging the MRT-3 contract."

The CPP reiterated its support to the growing clamor for the abolition of the pork barrel system and against the anti-people, corrupt and pro-imperialist budget and expenditure program of the Aquino regime.

"Benigno Aquino III has refused to abolish the pork barrel system, proving itself no different from the Arroyo regime or Marcos dictatorship in terms of making use of public funds as political leverage or 'panlangis' to get members of congress to stand in favor of the agenda of MalacaƱang," said the CPP.

"By refining the pork barrel system through limiting the 'menu' and setting 'transparency' requirements for congressional projects to be funded with public funds, Aquino is only compelling members of congress to become extra gracious to MalacaƱang both in terms of political support as well as in shared kickbacks in these projects," added the CPP.

"Corruption is innate in the ruling political system lorded by the exploiting classes of cacique landlords and bourgeois compradors whose method of wealth accumulation depends on favors and priviledges they get from connections with the ruling political clique," pointed out the CPP.