Condemn Aquino regime for US drone flying in Philippines--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 01, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today condemned the Aquino government for "treacherously allowing the US government and its military to fly and operate its military drones over the Philippines" and urged the Filipino people "to exert all-out effort to make the Aquino regime pay for its treachery and sell-out of Philippine sovereignty."

The CPP issued this statement after the Department of Foreign Affairs of the reactionary Philippine government admitted that US military forces have been conducting routine surveillance operations in Philippine territorial waters in the South China Sea.

"In an apparent bid to obscure US military interventionism, Benigno Aquino III himself revealed that his government has specifically asked the US military to deploy P3C Orion spy planes. Aquino's disclosures are a futile attempt to justify US deployment of surveillance and other military equipment in the area." The Orion is an anti-submarine surveillance aircraft that is used to intercept communications.

The Aquino government has been forced to admit the presence of US warships and surveillance drones after US military forces boasted that their ships have been conducting surveillance operations in the South China Sea. The official blog of the US Navy states that the USS Bonhomme Richard has been patrolling the Philippine seas since July 1. The US warship is capable of carrying more than 100 vehicles, 300 pieces of combat equipment and 1,100 armed soldiers.

"Aquino, however, has succeeded only in revealing his outright puppetry to the US imperialists," pointed out the CPP. "He is now set to throw himself into history's dustbin where he will keep company with other traitors who conspired with the foreign imperialist powers in their campaign to establish their hegemony in the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific region."

"The operations of US military drones over Philippine territories are an outright violation of Philippine sovereignty and an all-out display of contempt for the freedom-loving Filipinos," said the CPP.

"For the past several years, the US government has been working closely with the Aquino government to foment conflict in the South China Sea areas by issuing bellicose statements and carrying out large-scale power-projection activities in the area in order to provoke China to carry out aggressive or defensive military action," pointed out the CPP.