CPP denounces Hagel visit, Aquino subservience to US government

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 30, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the arrival in the Philippines of US Pentagon Chief Chuck Hagel "which has no other aim but to further boost the US campaign to project its power and strengthen its military foothold in the Asia-Pacific region."

The CPP issued this statement as Hagel met with Aquino in MalacaƱang to further discuss the so-called framework agreement presently being forged in negotiations held in Washington. The CPP averred that the framework agreement which is set to be completed in the next few weeks will virtually bring back US basing rights, allow the US to use the Philippines as a vast military outpost, raise the number of US troops in the Philippines and increase the frequency of US troop rotation.

"The US wants to forge an agreement similar to what it has with Singapore where the US Navy is allowed to deploy and operate resupply vessels. The US Navy is also allowed to use a naval base, a ship repair facility and an airfield. The US maintains permanent presence of US fighter jet squadrons of which are rotated a month at a time. It also uses Singapore as a logistics coordinating center for its Pacific command.

"The Filipino people must denounce and oppose the strategic framework agreement because it violates Philippine national sovereignty," said the CPP. "They must reject claims of the US government that such arrangements do not touch on matters of sovereignty."

"Philippine sovereignty is trampled when the US military is allowed to deploy and operate its own equipment, to have unlimited access to air and seaport facilities, operate surveillance equipment, launch and deploy military drones for intelligence and combat, dock its nuclear-capable warships and to land and launch its fighter jets and set up military command posts," pointed out the CPP.

The CPP further asserted that Benigno Aquino III's worsening subservience to the US imperialist government makes the establishment of an independent foreign policy even more untenable. "In particular, a peaceful resolution to the South China conflict is being made more difficult because of Aquino's acquiescence to US dictates and interference on the matter."