Denounce Aquino's Imeldific P250 million beautification--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 05, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to "denounce the Imeldific P250 million beautification project to be carried out by the Aquino regime in preparation for the 2015 meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)."

"Aquino is again proving himself an Imelda after having allocated a large amount of money to cosmeticize Manila and make it 'presentable' to tourists and visitors. This, even as millions of people live in subhuman conditions in Manila's urban poor colonies, by estuaries and the coast of Manila Bay, under bridges, in public markets, parks and the like."

The CPP cited the white-washed iron sheet walls along Airport Road in Pasay erected by the Aquino regime just around a year ago in a desperate effort to conceal the sight of people living in squalor under the bridge and by the riverside from foreign businessmen attending a conference in Manila.

"While Aquino is spending P250 million for a projected 700 foreign visitors, he has not allotted any money to improve the living conditions of the millions of urban poor residents in Metro Manila. He has instead opted to treat them like trash by demolishing their communities and throwing them in relocation sites that are far away from their jobs and sources of income," added the CPP.