Filipino youth and people will not be duped by Aquino’s fake abolition of pork barrel

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Kabataang Makabayan Spokesperson
August 25, 2013

At the heels of widespread protests, Aquino’s announcement of the ‘abolition’ of the PDAF—with his cabinet lined behind him in kowtow--was a spectacular show. KM condemns the Aquino’s  fake abolition of the pork barrel system in a desperate effort to douse public outrage with cold water.

Aquino ruling clique is mistaken in thinking that the Filipino masses will be duped by its mere announcement that PDAF will be abolished. In fact the P25 billion allocated for PDAF in 2014 will not be scrapped in the 2014 National Expenditure Program and will be retained as a huge sum again up-for-grabs for the Congress and Senate thru a system called itemized pork barrel that can be approved at the discretion of Aquino.

This is to pacify Aquino’s allies and preempt the snowball of protests against the pork barrel system and corruption led by Aquino himself. Aquino can not pretend to be against the ‘abuse of the pork barrel system’ when he is at the helm of that rotten system.

The Aquino is also making all efforts to maneuver propaganda, deliberately equating pork barrel to only the Congress and Senate’s PDAF to desperately salvage his own P1 trillion Presidential pork barrel.  The US-Aquino regime is also blatantly hell-bent to deviate public anger from the corruption and multi-billion scams embroiled into by his own family and cronies.

Kabataang Makabayan supports the Filipino youth and people’s resolve to continue the fight against the hated pork barrel system, most especially including Aquino’s one trillion pesos Presidential pork, which is retained as a gigantic discretionary fund and remained unscathed in the 2014 proposed budget. 

In the 2014 NEP, 79 state universities and colleges will suffer budget cuts. However, billions are alloted by the government to demolish urban poor communities, to privatization of hospitals and lump-sums for anti-people projects that were offered by the US-Aquino regime to its cronies and profiteering big compradors. The proposed 2014 budget is also prioritizing debt servicing and higher military budget to suppress the intensifying people’s armed resistance.    

We must expose and oppose the US-Aquino 2014 budget proposal which is but an institutionalization  of corruption, subservience to imperialists and big businesses and cronies. We must resoundingly demand the rechanneling  of the pork barrel to social services.   

We must go to the masses and directly explain to them that the roots of the untrammelled corruption is the semi-colonial and semi-feudal social system that is dominated by few landlords and big compradors. They make use of the government positions to maximize their loot of peoples wealth and the nation’s resources.  This class of ruling elite is adept at every possible way to raid the public coffers, diverting away public money that should be allotted for the much-needed basic social services such as education, health, housing and public transportation.

The US-Aquino regime should be made accountable for presiding over the systematic plunder of the public coffers and nation’s wealth. Day by day, the US-Aquino regime is unmasked as deceitfully corrupt, anti-people and pro-imperialist!      ###