NPA holds 1001st Brigade HQ personnel as POW; 11 casualties in 71st IB camp blast

Daniel Ibarra
NPA ComVal-Davao Gulf Sub-regional Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
August 21, 2013

Giving justice to two victims of extra-judicial killings and to peasant victims of AFP atrocities, operatives under the Comval Davao Gulf Sub Regional Command-New People’s Army exploded its command detonated bomb inside the headquarters of the 71st Infantry Battalion in Barangay Pangibiran, Mabini town killing six AFP troops and wounding five others.

The bomb explosion last August 5 at 8pm was preceded by the arrest of Private First Class Rodello Canada Arigonan (serial number 776045), a 1001stBrigade Headquarters utility personnel. Arigonan was caught by the NPA operatives August 3, at 11pm in the vicinity of the military headquarters at Barangay Mapaang, Maco town.

Members of the Military Intelligence Battalion under the 101st Brigade-10thInfantry Division-AFP were responsible for the killing of Eddie Canon, a civilian and municipal coordinator of a progressive partylist group in Barangay San Isidro, Mawab town last May 25, and Ramil Lintas, a motorcycle driver of Barangay Calabcab, Maco town last July 25.

Indeed, it is ridiculous how Maj. Jake Obligado, CMO Battalion chief, would repeat the lie that the NPA blast violates the international humanitarian law. When, truth to tell, the AFP perpetrates the worst forms of violence in the countryside with its US-designed Oplan Bayanihan. The military’s counter-revolutionary campaign forces the evacuation and dislocation of peasants to kowtow to the interest of landgrabbers and big miners in Compostela Valley. Military units, like the children killer 71st IB, are responsible for the most despicable crimes against the people.

As the NPA keeps custody of Arigonan as its Prisoner of War, it will hold accountable elements of the reactionary armed force who continue to abuse poor peasants and indigenous peoples in the countryside. The NPA actively seeks and pursues revolutionary justice in the face of the US-Aquino regime’s continuing apathy. The hated regime condones human rights abuses that has only emboldened the AFP, PNP, paramilitary forces under the prevailing culture of impunity.