NPA intensifies enemy harassment, advances anti-feudal struggle

Aris Francisco
NPA-Comval North Davao South Agusan Sub Regional Command
August 28, 2013

The Comval North Davao South Agusan Sub Regional Command- New People's Army has resumed its enemy harassment campaign to combat preparations for the anti-people biofuel, palm oil and mining projects in Agusan and Compostela Valley boundaries.

Red fighters belonging to the Guerilla Front 3-NPA ambushed yesterday, August 27, a military detachment of the 72nd Infantry Battalion in Barangay Casoon, Monkayo, with one Cafgu killed and a cadreman wounded.  A day before, on Monday, another team exploded a capto blast in another detachment of the 60th IB in Barangay Katipunan, Laak town.

The 60th IB expands its area of coverage from Davao City to Davao del Norte to Agusan boundaries as it joins forces with  the notorious 26th IB, the army unit responsible for the abuses of peasants and Lumads in Loreto town, Agusan del Sur. Its Reengineered Special Operations Team, deceptively called Peace and Development Teams, along with elements of the 72nd IB continue to conduct psychological warfare against the masses and abuses to pave the way for the large-scale biofuel, palm oil and mining projects.

These active NPA tactical offensives are meant to protect the gains of the anti-feudal campaign in the countryside of Agusan and Comval boundaries.

The masses and the revolutionary forces are persevering in advancing the agrarian revolution in these areas. In the last couple of years and more so in recent months, advances in the struggle for land reform are gaining momentum—successes which the enemy are seeking to reverse.  Village-level anti-feudal struggles are gaining ground and reactivating thousands of mass activists and revolutionary mass organizations. The collective work and communal work in the farms have benefited thousands of peasant and Lumad families in Agusan.