Opportunist leader Ruben Labawan responsible for CVO ambush

Tano Paragas
Davao City-Bukidnon Sub-regional Command, NPA - Southern Mindanao
August 29, 2013

So-called civilian volunteers who were hit by the New People's Army (NPA)'s command detonated explosive last Monday in Barangay Tapak, Paquibato were paramilitary baganis recruited by the notorious Ruben Labawan and who were engaged in banditry and various atrocities when they were ambushed.

Labawan has again showed his ugly fangs as a loyal dog to the AFP 10th Infantry Division by sowing terror among Lumads and peasants. Labawan ordered his throng  of paramilitary CVOs to commit  banditry by confiscating a cattle and a pig from the masses after a CAFGU went AWOL and stole a garand rifle in a detachment in Kalagangan, San Fernando town, Bukidnon.

The CAFGU  abandoned the San Fernando detachment because he was disillusioned with the delayed wages, and he felt discriminated among his colleagues. CAFGUs like him  are bound to suffer under the present system where only the generals enjoy the largesse from a  corrupt US-Aquino regime while foot soldiers and force multipliers such as CAFGUs and CVOs make do with paltry compensation. As they suffer, they become enlightened with the fact that they cannot continue to serve a government and an armed forces that steal from the people's sweat and blood.

And as the number of CAFGUs abandoning their posts rise, Labawan and running dogs in the AFP are likely to heap their rage over the poor peasants and commit atrocious criminal actions against the people. The military employs the classic tactic of pitting Lumads against Lumads to control ancestral territories and make it easier for capitalist mining companies to enter and exploit ancestral resources.

Labawan is already exposed in the past as among the notorious Lumad opportunists who are eager to sell ancestral lands to the highest bidders, destroyers of the environment and landgrabbers.  He and his minions rightly deserve the people's wrath and the blows inflicted by the New People's Army.