Rise against the corrupt, anti-people and pro-imperialist Aquino regime!

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Spokesperson, Kabataang Makabayan
August 13, 2013

Recently the disclosures about the pork barrel mired with corruption had generated the ire of the people. There’s widespread anger against the pork barrel system and rampant corruption of bureaucrat-capitalists who lead pompous lifestyles at the height of poverty of majority of the people.

Despite the rising clamor for abolition and rechanneling of pork barrel to social services, the allotted 2014 budget for pork barrel is programmed to get P 25.2 billion. UP budget expert Prof. Briones revealed that Aquino’s multi-billion unprogrammed fund is only the tip of the iceberg, that Aquino’s Presidential Pork is a bloated    P1 Trillion composed of gigantic lump-sum of P 139 billion of Aquino’s unprogrammed funds which are unliquidated funds, and discretionary funds slipped into different departments which can only be released via Aquino’s orders.

Aquino’s farsical ‘crusade against corruption’ is good only in as far as it does not hurt its own interests. Aquino’s dictum of “Kung walang korap, walang mahirap” should be relegated to the dustbin. It is deceitful, hollow slogan presenting its regime as a crusader against corruption when in fact it is sheer window-dressing to subdue the mounting people’s discontent against its regime of corruption and the exploitative rotten system.

Despite these cacophony of lies and deception in the media, news of the Ballsy Aquino-Cruz’s involvement in the $30 MRT 3 extortion scam from the Czech railway company Inekon, inclusion of Aquino’s Liberal Party politicos in the grand P10 billion pork scam are revealed.  Among other hosts of scams by relatives and cronies unearthed earlier are the grand smuggling of Danding Cojuangco of sugar and oil products to evade taxes, landgrabbing of families of Paquito Ochoa from farmers in San Jose Del Monte to make way for relocation housing projects, DSWD’s Soliman and aides mishandling of P18 billion ($442 million) worth of calamity funds and international aid pouring in for victims of typhoon Pablo, Aquino’s hand in P2.8-billion road scam in Davao del Sur and so on.   

Aquino’s top propagandists are all the more carefully hewing lies, distortions in order to patch up the already shattering image of the Very Righteous President.

Kabataang Makabayan sees that we can actively expose these by revealing the true state of the nation, the massive poverty amidst the unbridled corruption and enrichment of the few ruling classes, the wholesale robbery of the country’s wealth and resources and offering this in silver platter to private and giant foreign corporations, the worsening exploitation of the toiling masses by this US-Aquino regime. 

But US-Aquino’s spin-masters in the media and reactionary propaganda army can not forever bury the truth from the people who daily experience the economic hardship under this regime.

All these corruption issues come atop the daily struggles of the majority of the people living under 50 pesos a day, spiraling prices of basic commodities and utilities, oil price hikes, hikes in prices of means of transportation and communication, privatization and commercialization of basic social services such as hospitals, demolition of urban poor communities for PPP projects, stagnant and low wages and contractualization, joblessness, widespread landgrabbing, force displacement of peasants and rural poverty.    

The US-Aquino regime, his cronies and corporate media conspire in order to realize the hundreds of billions worth of projects with projected superprofits thru housing, real estate and infrastructure ventures. The 2014 budget itself is a demolition budget, with P10 billion relocation budget inked by New San Jose Builders, Ayala Land and Aquino cronies.

US-Aquino regime pathetically resorts to its corporate media to “manufacture consensus” against its force displacement of thousands of families of urban poor communities along the esteros and waterways in Metro Manila. The US-Aquino regime funds and scripts with its patrons in corporate media a spectacular drama of a community in San Juan, purportedly a model of ‘voluntary demolition’ and which with beaming cameras of giant TV outfits, air nationwide how thankful this community that they are demolished, and relocated to fine small houses in locations faraway from their work and livelihood. This on top of lies by US-Aquino regime that the estero dwellers are the cause of flooding in the capital and use of brazen threats such as pronouncements by Aquino himself that demolished urban poor dwellers will be jailed should they return to their areas.

However it cannot erase in the counsciousness of the people the militant struggle of the people of Silverio Compound, San Roque in West Triangle, Corazon de Jesus in San Juan and the recent struggle of the urban poor in West Kamias that blocked the armed demolition teams.

US-Aquino regime’s use of  the reactionary propaganda army, showbiz glitz, hand in hand with its machinery of repression to discredit the rising tide of protests, quell dissent and intensifying armed struggle further lay bare the insecurity of this regime. The US-Aquino regime can not forever resort to Goebbelsian Lies without exposing its own deceptions which are used to build and support its bankrupt and anti-people rule.

US-Aquino is a de facto patron of corruption. The US-Aquino regime failed to prosecute Arroyo for grand plunder and has allowed GMA’s open-ended “hospital arrest” to evade prosecution. The US-Aquino regime is exposed in string of scams like padrino system in the organized syndicates of smuggling, gambling and drugs. The Kamag-anak, Kaklase, Kabarilan Inc composed of its Conjuangco-Aquino clan and comprador cronies are awarded with the priority and biggest  Private Public Partnership projects funded and subsidized by public money and public loans, gifted with tax exemptions and holidays, and enjoying sovereign guarantees.

Even at the height of these corruption issues, the US-Aquino regime is ironing out  the anti-people, corruption-laden and pro-imperialist 2014 budget which is but a systematic government appropriation of peoples money to giant foreign and local crony companies, to dole-outs and counter-insurgency projects.

In the proposed 2014 anti-people and pro-imperialist Aquino budget, PPP and infrastructure projects subsidized by the government get a whopping 429 billion pesos. Thru the lump-sum allotted budget for CCT, Aquino’s social-democratic friends led by DSWD’s Dinky Soliman wallow in corrupt-ridden dole-out monies which get a P62.6 billion budget in 2014, from its P32 billion budget in 2012. US-Aquino’s regime brandishes the brutal Oplan Bayanihan together with its PAMANA projects in its hopeless bid to weaken the armed revolution. 

We call on the Filipino youth and people to junk this 2014 budget which is but a tool of institutionalized corruption and expose and oppose this corrupt, pro-imperialist and anti-people US-Aquino regime. We must tirelessly arouse, organize and mobilize to isolate and weaken the US-Aquino regime and rotten reactionary system.

Kabataang Makabayan calls on the Filipino youth and people to rally against corruption and strike the prevailing rotten system of semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine society dominated by imperialism, bureaucrat-capitalism and feudalism as the root cause of widespread scams and institutionalized corruption.

The chronic and worsening economic crisis of the semi-feudal and semicolonial is pushing the ruling classes in scrambling for their shrinking “share of pie”, hell-bent in clutching state positions to raid public coffers and stash them in various local and foreign banks. Bureaucrat-capitalists and the ruling classes consistently manufacture projects and money-making ventures at the expense of the people.       

The US-Aquino regime is drumbeating as imposed by the World Bank its anti-corruption rhetorics of ‘Matuwid na Daan’ which will give more leverage to the crisis-ridden bureaucracy a green light for foreign loans from the imperialists. This is further burying the people into the quagmire of indebtedness while fattening the pockets and bellies of corrupt bureaucrat- capitalists, big compradors, landlords at a greater magnitude. This has been the modus of the reactionary state since the hated fascist and pro-imperialist Marcos dictatorship.

The US-Aquino regime is the prime sponsor of  institutionalized loot, plunder of peoples money, wealth and resources by the ruling classes and imperialism against the Filipino people. The worsening crisis of world capitalist system and neoliberal policies imposed by imperialists to the US-Aquino puppet regime thru the policies of liberalization, privatization, denationalization, and deregulation sap dry the blood of the toiling people, crushing their livelihood and plundering the natural wealth for cut-throat profits.

KM calls on the students and youth, the toling people and other exploited classes to intensify protests and unite in a broad alliance against systemic corruption and make the ruling US-Aquino regime accountable for presiding over corruption amidst grave poverty of the majority of the people.

Ultimately, while the people legitimately aspire to end corruption,  it should also be exposed that corruption is endemic to the semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine society which is ruled by the brutal dictatorship of landlords, big compradors and bureaucrat-capitalists. Thus, the wealth and resources of the people and nation is concentrated on these handful few while the majority of our people are exploited, robbed of their rights and basic subsistence. The people can never expect genuine land reform and social change, national industrialization and development to occur under the exploitative ruling classes since it is contrary to their constant drive for super-profits, an anathema to the existence of their class rule.

Only thru intensifying the armed revolution and smashing this rotten system can we end corruption and put in power a government that genuinely represents the democratic interests and welfare of the people.###