Aquino regime’s ‘new approach’ to peace is all-out war of oppression and suppression of the people

Ma. Laya Guerrero
Kabataang Makabayan
September 2, 2013

The Kabataang Makabayan, the revolutionary mass organization of the Filipino youth allied to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), condemns in highest terms the aerial bombardment in Sagada, Mountain province and the military encampment of a school starting on August 30.

Without any regard to the indigenous communities of Sagada and in brazen violation of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), the Philippine Airforce MG-520 attack helicopters indiscriminately bombed the areas which the military claims as an New People’s Army (NPA) camp.

The residents and indigenous communities of Sagada are also rightfully linking that the military is hell-bent on flushing out the NPA in order to eliminate opposition against the government’s plans to build industrial wind-farm and develop mining of prime copper and gold in those areas.

Subjecting entire communities to fear and indicriminate bombings and attacks committed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in this case, again proves that the ‘new approach’ to peace of the Aquino government is nothing but all-out war against the revolutionary forces and also the suppression of the entire communities, unarmed and non-combatants under the brutal counter-insurgency operations Oplan Bayanihan.

We call on human rights and peace advocates, students and youth groups to stand against the blatant violations of the Aquino regime, sowing terror to communities and running amok in villages as they search for NPAs, including the use of schools in its military operations.

There had been relentles cases nationwide of military incursion in schools, film showings and red-baiting of youth and student groups using the revised “Knowing thy Enemy”, building outposts inside schools and within 50-meters vicinity and harassment of students and youth activists.

Meanwhile, Kabataang Makabayan denounces the Aquino regime’s persistent lies on the real reasons why the peace-talks of the government with the NDFP remains in limbo. The Aquino regime’s intransigence on not honoring past agreements with the NDFP like the Hague Joint Declaration which is the soul and framework of the peace-talks and the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) is the real cause why the peace talks collapsed.

While the regime through its OPAPP and then government’s panel chief Alex Padilla peddle the lies and propaganda that it is the NDFP which stalled the talks, the fact is the Aquino government which is blatantly violating JASIG by arresting NDFP 14 consultants to the peace-talks which the NDFP demands to be freed and subjecting others to enforced disappreance.

That Aquino himself remains mum on the need for the government to resume negotiations with the revolutionary forces, proves its indefensible narrow-mindedness and offers only militaristic solutions to the raging civil war.

It is the Aquino regime therefore , who has the primary responsibility why the next substantive agenda of the peace-talks on socio-economic reforms are forestalled, after the CARHRIHL which the regime also countlessly violates.

By declaring unilaterally that the peace-talks collapse and that the Aquino regime will not be willing to talk unless the NPA lays down arms is talking hollow ‘peace’. Perhaps the Aquino regime should be lectured on the elementary and fundamental roots why in the first place there is armed resistance of the people, and why the Filipino youth continues to embrace the revolutionary struggle as the only sure solution to the oppression of the Filipino people.

It is the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system dominated by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism which is the root of the armed resistance of the people. The class dictatorship of the feudal lords, big compradors and bureaucrat-capitalists who are embroiled in deep-seated corruption, continues to plague our people with massive poverty, unemployment, sagging wages, landlessness of peasants and land-monopoly of the landlords, homelessness, neglect of social services such as education and health amidst massive destruction of our natural resources for profits of the few.

The compradors connive with landlords in connecting the backward agrarian economy and semi-value added industries to foreign monopoly-capitalists or imperialists to generate maximum profit. The profit-making ventures they do at the expense of the toiling people. They do not wish to implement national industrialization and genuine agrarian reform for national progress and as precondition to answer majority of people’s socio-economic woes.

Instead the ruling government which is the representive of the tyranny of these ruling classes in our country implements programs dictated by the imperialists to maintain their rule and the economic system that continue to benefit them and oppresses the people.

The US-Aquino ruling clique also continues to implement the imperialist dictated policies of liberalization, privatization, denationalization and deregulation that worsens the semi-colonial and semi-feudal set-up. Primarily the US imperialist, does not only wants to heighten its military hold on our country but also seek to drag the economy to further liberalization and seeking to change the Philippine Constitution to maximize 100% ownership of land and resources in our country and 100% ownership of capital on local companies.

The corruption-ridden Aquino regime, which also offers the people’s coffers and national resources for plunder of foreign monopoly-capitalists, big local compradors and feudal landlords has no tenable and real solutions on the economic woes and suffering of the people. The GDP growth that the government brags does not indicate progress, and it is empty in the face of real poverty being suffered by majority of the people.

The US-Aquino regime implements PPP for mega-profits of big capitalist cronies, family and allies of Aquino, the dole-outs and corrupt-ridden CCT program,carries out the policies of borrowing and perennial indebtedness, of demolition of urban poor and landgrabbing from farmers, budget cuts for education and health while amassing peoples money to go to their pockets, as exemplified by the Pork Barrel controlled by Aquino himself.

The defiance of the people against these oppression is called simply as ‘violence’ by the US-Aquino regime and justifies its brutal Oplan Bayanihan. What the US-Aquino regime tauts as the ‘new approach’ to peace is nothing but all-out war of oppression and suppression of the people.

As the Filipino youth and people demand accountability from the plunderers and from US-Aquino regime of corruption, they also seek solutions to the historic problems of land monopoly and industrial backwardness as and the immediate needed respite from high-time economic hardship.

For so long as the government do not serve the people and remains as the tyranny of landlords, big compradors and imperialist interests, the Filipino youth and people will continously to rise up for revolutionary change! ###