Break Free from Pork: Political prisoners protest against injustice and plunder

Renante M. Gamara
Eduardo O. Sarmiento
Eduardo R. Serrano
NDFP Consultants
18 September 2013

We, peace consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, detained at Camp Crame, resolutely join the ever-rising militant protests of the Filipino people against the bureaucratic stealing of public funds by the US-Aquino regime.

As the ordinary Filipino says: “Ang busog naging bundat!”.(The satiated became corpulent)

The masses of the people are angry and disgusted at the regime's maneuvers, cover-ups, and schemes to hide this massive misuse of the people's money that feed the insatiable greed of the ruling class; and to protect from the prosecution the whole government bureaucracy (executive, legislative and judiciary) that is responsible for the proliferation and malignancy of wanton corruption and political patronage of this rotten state.

We are one with our fellow political prisoners in launching on 19 September “Break Free from Pork" -- a protest action of political detainees against corruption and the pork barrel system of the US-Aquino regime.

For our part, together with SELDA (Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto, Association of Ex-detainees Against Detention and Arrest) and UgatLahi Artist Collective, will kick-off the VIP (Victims of Injustice and Plunder) Prisoners' Protest PORKsong Revival Fest and PORKsters vs. Corruption Contest to give venue to the creativity of detention prisoners in expressing their own experiences and dreams of fighting for freedom from detention at the moment; and, for the final freedom of the Filipino people from exploitation and oppression of US imperialism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

After this, we are joining the Mag-Ingay Tayo! noise barrage of the Scrap the Pork Alliance on 20 September. We salute the militancy of the youth and students who will walk out of their classes and join the protest actions in the streets on the afternoon of that same day.

On 21 September, we are also one with the rally against the pork barrel system and the corresponding 100-day vigilance for justice to be attained when the plunderers are found guilty and jailed. However, as they are being presented now, it seems that it will be a very long journey to reach a conclusion that is truly favorable to the Filipino people. The US-Aquino regime continues to hoodwink the people that the PDAF (parliamentary pork-barrel funds) had been abolished and the exposed plunderers and their cohorts will be prosecuted and punished.

But the people are fed up with the schemes concocted by MalacaƱang. It can no longer hide the reality that, as portrayed by ex-senator Rodolfo Biazon, ”the house is burning...” The people cannot be fooled anymore. Neither will they be cowed into submission and silence.

In and out of our country, the workers, peasants, students, women, urban poor, national minorities, and the middle section of the middle class such as the professionals, teachers, overseas workers, government employees, doctors, nurses, health workers, lawyers, and church people are continuously protesting in greater numbers, and intensity demanding from the Aquino government social justice, jobs, just wages, additional subsidies for education, housing for the urban poor, health services, subsidies for farmers and subsidies for water, electric power, oil and other basic needs.

The Filipino people are justified in demanding that this systematic and wanton corruption in the political and social system of our country be exposed and totally eradicated. The power of the Filipino people will grow stronger as the rottenness of this semifeudal and semicolonial system is thoroughly exposed and opposed through the ever-increasing disgust and distrust of the people at the pork barrel system and all other corrupt practices in the government.

The people's power, in the final days, will deliver the fatal blow to this rotten and crumbling economic and political system of the ruling class of the big bourgeoisie and big landlords, in connivance with US imperialism.

Abolish the pork barrel system!
Rechannel funds to social services!
Prosecute the plunderers, not the innocent and rights defenders!
Free all political prisoners!
Long live the Filipino people!