Aquino special accommodation of Napoles stoking people’s anger and protests

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
September 03, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) said that by exerting extra efforts to attend to and extend special accommodations to Janet Lim Napoles, the Aquino regime is further infuriating the Filipino people long fed up with the corruption and profligate lifestyle of the bureaucrat capitalists and their minions. 

"By extending special accommodation to Napoles, the Aquino regime is inviting more and more protest actions against the congressional and Malacañang pork barrel system of corruption and political patronage," said the CPP.

"The Filipino people are utterly disgusted over the special accommodations being extended to Napoles by the Aquino government, made certain by no less than Aquino himself and his key security and police officials," said the CPP. "They demand the truth about the dealings of the ruling Aquino clique with the Napoleses in the past, as well as the political exchange deals which it struck with Napoles with her supposed 'surrender' last August 28."

Napoles, together with her husband Jaime, are accused as among the key organizers of the extensive bureaucrat capitalist pork barrel scam network of reactionary politicians over the past ten years which is believed to have siphoned several hundred million pesos in public funds to the pockets of corrupt big bureaucrats and their cohorts.

"Talks are rife that Napoles has had past dealings with key personalities of the ruling Aquino clique, including contributing to Aquino's election kitty in 2010," pointed out the CPP. "The excuses being made by Malacañang in the over-extended accommodation of Napoles cannot stop the people from seeing red especially after Napoles was moved to the relative comforts of the Sta. Rosa detention facility, provided with 24-hour caregivers and medical attention and referred to by Aquino's Interior Sec. Mar Roxas as 'Ma´am Janet'."

"The Filipino people are growing ever more impatient with the absence of any real progress in the criminal prosecution and punishment of Napoles in relation to the pork scam, even as they are acutely aware, that the Napoleses are only among the many cogs that make up the entire backward and moribund system of corruption and patronage politics of the ruling reactionary state," said the CPP.

"The special accommodation of Napoles has also pushed the factional conflict within the ruling Aquino clique out in the open. The Roxas-Ochoa-Lacierda Balai faction is seen to be behind securing Napoles' surrender and in actively extending special accommodation to her. Aquino has openly sided with the Balai group to the chagrin of certain officials including Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and those in the National Bureau of Investigation," said the CPP. 

"The resignation yesterday of the NBI chief after Aquino openly declared his distrust of officials of the agency is just among the open conflicts which are set to rock the Aquino regime," pointed out the CPP.  "The factional conflicts within the ruling Aquino clique are bound to break out in the open especially with the political jockeying related to the 2016 elections. It would come as no surprise that certain sections of the ruling Aquino clique will sooner or later seek alliance with the people's democratic mass movement."

"The Filipino people must take advantage of the political crisis of the ruling system to advance their cause for national and democratic change," said the CPP. "In particular, they must continue to vigorously advance their demand to abolish both the congressional and Malacañang pork barrel funds for corruption and political patronage, build a broad front of anti-corruption forces and mobilize these forces to unite with the broad toiling masses in all possible forms of political protest action ensuring the most rapid possible but steady increase in strength."