NPA engages no chemical-biological warfare, but in people's guerrilla war

NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Command 

September 4, 2013

The New People's Army Southern Mindanao Regional Command vehemently denies the malicious and wildly concocted military propaganda that NPA explosives were contaminated with poison and bacteria. To insinuate that the NPA is engaged in a highly criminal biological and chemical warfare is, indeed, pure invention. NPA Red fighters have been using in the last four decades, guerrilla warfare weapons, such as but not limited to,  command-detonated explosives made up of traditional, non-biologically toxic ingredients.

The seven AFP troops who were hurt in a bomb blast in Pantukan yesterday were hit by  command-detonated explosives and not the falsely reported  pressure-type bombs that are banned by international laws like the Ottawa Treaty.

Major Jake Obligado and other spindoctors at the Eastern Mindanao Command-AFP are desperate to reverse the tide of revolutionary guerrilla warfare, so desperate, that they have to copy methods used by the US imperialist military strategists in its current war against Syria.  By alluding that the NPAs are terrorists who hatch bombs and weapons of mass destruction in chemical and biological forms, Obligado and EastMinCom propagandists are copycats to the Obama government that is now justifying its military occupation in Syria by accusing the Assad regime of engaging in chemical weapons attack.

Not long ago, the military also outrageously said the NPA landmines distribution in the whole region have been systematized by way of color coding per province.

The NPA are people's soldiers--girded with firearms confiscated from the enemy and with bombs made out of cheap materials-- who face the logistically-superior but politically-inferior corrupt-laden, fascist, anti-people AFP. 

Obligado and the military spindoctors are daydreaming that they can sweeten the image of the fascist Oplan Bayanihan by demonizing the NPA and the revolutionary struggle. Three years into the US-Aquino regime, the AFP is nowhere smooth, soft and pro-people in the eyes of the peasants, workers and the millions of Filipino masses. The AFP is thoroughly exposed as the protector, coddler, running dogs of the US imperialist mining and other big business, bureaucrat capitalists and landlords.

The bacteria and poison are not found in the NPA bombs, but in the AFP headquarters, camps, detachments and in the AFP echelons itself.