On Pork Barrel Scam: Aquino, mastermind of corrupt agencies and officials

Fortunato Magtanggol
Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions (Southern Tagalog)
September 24, 2013

The Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions-Southern Tagalog (RCTU-ST), an allied organization of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), joins the Filipino people in calling for the abolition of all forms of pork and ending of a systemic corruption, and names Benigno Simeon Aquino III as the ‘biggest mastermind of corrupt agencies and officials’ under his administration.

On March 2013, Benhur Luy, whistleblower of the 10B pork scam, fertilizer funds scam, and Malampaya funds scam, was rescued from illegal detention in a condominium unit. Apparently, Janet Napolesm who is now being criticized and detained for being involved in the billion-worth pork barrel scam, held Luy captive. Napoles is behind a number of fictitious NGOs are where a huge chunk of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), popularly known as the Pork Barrel Fund, has been allocated for years.

Not long after various accounts from different whistleblowers made the mainstream media, people from all walks of life expressed outrage in social media platforms and eventually took their anger to the streets during the Million People March on August 26.

At the earlier part of this clamor, Aquino said he was not in favor of abolishing the PDAF, and expressed support for reform instead. However, at the height of the preparations for the Million People March, the puppet president suddenly called for a press conference declaring abolition of the PDAF. However, his Budget Secretary, Butch Abad, made it clear that the PDAF allocation for senators and lower house representative will remain in the 2014 national budget.

The expositions made by Luy are only a part of the rampant and systemic graft and corruption presently taking place under Aquino’s administration and authorization.  After the Napoles group, a sequence of other names and groups involved in forming dubious NGOs have been exposed by other whistleblowers. More and more senators and lower house representatives have been linked to allotting chunks of their PDAF to these NGOs.

Why is it so hard for Aquino to abolish the PDAF when it is obviously a source of corruption and a clear birthplace of such dirty politics in the country?

Aquino receives his own version of the PDAF worth 1.43T pesos—a ridiculously enormous part, actually more than half, of the 2014 national budget (P2.3T). The puppet president enjoys full discretion on the use of these funds, transcending the powers of the Commission on Audit and therefore making it easier for him to bring these funds to his own interests, to serve him benefits that will further expose his administration as a pork and power hungry mongrel feeding on the people’s flesh, the taxpayer’s sweat and blood.

It is no longer surprising for the Filipino people to know that Aquino, who tries very hard to conceal his involvement in the long-running corruption in the country, is indeed directly engaged in the same rotten political culture.

The very reforms on the PDAF that the US-Aquino regime is advocating are of its interest—to further promote the existing patronage politics in a country controlled and dominated by greedy capitalists and landlords. By implementing sterner procedures in approving projects under the PDAF allocation, the US-Aquino regime will be able to consolidate its power and gain better control over the country’s economy and politics.

End bureaucrat capitalism, the root of all corruption!

The pork barrel scam exposed but a very small part of the how traditional politicians have engaged in corruption for decades since the establishment of the puppet Philippine government. These politicians are more than willing to dispense millions of pesos just to win the elections because they are guaranteed to earn more than double through different forms of graft and corruption once they are in power. Over and above the pork barrel issue, bureaucrat capitalism, the struggle should be directed at overthrowing this whole rotten system of governance where greedy politicians treat their positions as businesses—expanding their capital via all possible means.

At present, various corruption controversies involving different agencies such as the Bureau of Customs, the Department of Transportation and Communications, the Lower House of Representatives, and the Department of Agriculture prove that Aquino’s anti-corruption campaigns are purely rhetoric. Whilst Aquino has endlessly tried to divert the people’s attention to the previous regime’s extensive corruption cases, his allies are indulging on free and limitless rackets that have brought them more riches than an ordinary Filipino could ever imagine.

Even the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), as a direct government agency under the office of the President, reflects the same rotten system through blatantly accepting bribes in exchange of favorable decisions for capitalists.

It is no wonder that even the legal processes led by the Department of Labor and Employment, such as certification elections and CBA negotiations, are tainted with anomalies and irregularities.

Aquino and his cohorts are bound to commit such systemic and organized corruption, as it is what its imperialist boss dictates. The latter endlessly desires to exploit the Filipino people and the country’s natural resources, and use our territories to strengthen its military strength; therefore, it makes sure its parasitic mongrels are fed with billions worth of the Filipino people’s taxes so they may command them at a whistle and allow for easier access to cheap labor and raw materials.

All in the name of greed and power, the US-Aquino regime exemplifies a worsening socio-political condition that requires a stronger, more concentrated and politically conscious movement that will end the very roots of hunger and deprivation for the people.

For forty-five years, the revolutionary movement, led by the Communist Party of the Philippines, has unfailingly exposed such systemic corruption that roots from bureaucrat capitalism. For forty-five years, the longest-running armed revolution has been waged in the countryside to finally put an end to the rule of the money-hungry. It is high time to strengthen the revolutionary force and win our struggle by resolutely exposing the characteristics of the US-Aquino regime, and organizing the masses to be part of the national democratic revolution.

RCTU-NDF-ST calls on all workers to unite their ranks with peasants and the broader Filipino people as we call for the abolition of all forms of pork. More importantly, we call on all revolutionary workers to join and lead the national democratic revolution that will end bureaucrat capitalism, bring down imperialism and feudalism, and lead the formation of a proletarian government, free from all forms of corruption.